Splatoon 2 Fans React To Target’s Early Access Blunder

Fans were treated to an early peek at Splatoon 2 by way of Target last night and today, right before the game was planned for launch at 9 PM PT/12 AM ET, and everyone is just as excited as you’d expect about the prospect of accessing the game early. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem as though anyone is currently able to access online multiplayer at the moment (as I checked before the servers go live to the public tonight), so players are relegated to single-player content and other gameplay for now. That isn’t stopping anyone from being super excited about it, though.

Target had previously been selling a special “download card” by way of Redditor BunEevee, who posted that their card allowed them to download the game in full. Tons of fans got in on the card-buying action before Nintendo seemingly caught wind of it, as the “hack” no longer seems to be working.

Target isn’t the only retailer to get the game out early, though. Reddit reveals that other stores like GameStop and Amazon got it out to players ahead of time today, but it seems from the reactions in my own personal plaza that Target is by far the biggest culprit for letting players in early, as you can see below.


This user was extremely excited about being able to access the game early.


Isn’t it a good thing to already be “splat”?


You can tell this game is out early since someone was able to share an expletive in their personal scrawl, which eventually showed up on one of my walls in the plaza. That was…jarring.


If you were able to get in early, there’s only a couple more hours left to go until you can take over the Splatoon 2 world in Turf War and its other various multiplayer offerings. Then you’ll be seeing tons of reactions just like these in your own game if you haven’t already. You can share your own, just to clarify. Thanks Target, indeed!