The Life is Strange: Before the Storm Launch Trailer Is Riddled With Teenage Angst

We all want to believe there’s something greater and mysterious in our own worlds when we’re teenagers, and that there’s more to the world than what we know. While Chloe Price may be the most insufferable character in the history of Life is Strange, I can empathize with her thoughts and feelings in that regard, as well as Rachel Amber’s. As the days tick away, I’m more and more excited to head back to Arcadia Bay and figure out what happened with Chloe and Rachel and their relationship as a whole.

The launch trailer for Life is Strange: Before the Storm is filled with more than a little subtext that Chloe and Rachel were definitely more than just friends, which I thought was the case in the original Life is Strange, so that’ll be an interesting story to see develop. But what’s this wild side to the apparently strait-laced Rachel we didn’t see much of? I’d like to know more about that.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm doesn’t drop officially until August 31, but I’m ready to channel my inner angry teenager. I’d like to make things better for Chloe’s stepfather but I’m still mad that the only options available are to basically treat him like some kind of jerk. Chloe’s really gotta get a grip, man. Hopefully I can whip her into shape when I play the game when it comes around at the end of the month. I’m ready.