Dragon Age Inquisition Review Log 02: Sounds Like a New Friend!

I said yesterday that I’m totally new to the Dragon Age franchise and in fact I wouldn’t really want to review the game any other way after hitting the 15 hour mark, excelling beyond that into new territories. Starting a brand new character has only allowed party members and NPCs of the world to be that much more interesting.

It’s Solas that first seems to capture a totally fantasy-based character with his large, pointed ears, though I’d contend that Cassandra and Sera provide some of the more uniquely characterized deliveries of dialog and exposition obviously bordering on boring. You run that risk any time you’re working with a purely fantasy creature, but Cassandra has a hard-headed attitude that matches her brute battlefield strength.

It’s the little inflections that sold me on her even as she accused my player character of killing the devine and starting the mess that pushes us through Inquisition‘s opening hours. Her scars match the gravity of nearly every situation around her, though inter-party banter opens Cassandra up as a morally just and level-headed person. She hasn’t really left my group of adventurers because of it.

Sera is funny. She doggedly undermines so much of her environment that it spreads to unexpected content like a note scrawled and left on a desk or with another character in town. I love whenever a party member interjects in conversation and honestly, they don’t do it enough. Bioware’s writing backs up every awkward moment, intriguing detail, and witty quip.

When you head out for adventure in Dragon Age: Inquisition, look for things to read and people to speak to. I’ve discovered new party members in totally unexpected areas, so wandering off the beaten path isn’t just suggested. It’s practically demanded of the player.

Of all the characters gathered at my keep and ready for action, only Cole remains a stark mystery to me. Vivienne’s magic, Sera’s archery, and Varric’s Bianca (a special crossbow only he can wield) generally delight in the way every element of the adventure teases more out of the game’s cast.

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