Fortnite Week 6 Secret Tier Battle Star Location: Road Trip Guide

If you’ve brushed up on your hidden loading screens, you may know exactly where the Fortnite Week 6 Secret Tier Battle Star Location lies. For the rest of us mere mortals, it took a little it longer. Below, we’ve detailed the exact location for the final Secret Tier Battle Star of the week, one that, crucially, leaves you just one step away from unlocking the vaunted Road Trip skin.

Fortnite Week 6 Secret Tier Battle Star Location

Week 6 Secret Tier Battle Star

As you can see above in the Fortnite week 6 hidden loading screen, there’s a pretty heavy emphasis on a drive-in movie theatre. This isn’t a clever trick on Epic’s part, nor the start of a long and winding quest to throw you off the scent. The star is exactly where you think it’d be: in the movie theatre on the Fortnite map.

However, this will only unlock once you’ve completed all seven (four Battle Pass and three, uhh, free) challenges in Week 6. Only then will the loading screen unlock and the Week 6 Secret Tier Battle Star Location will be ready and waiting for you.

week 6 hidden tier battle star location

To find it, follow the map to the circled area at Risky Reels. Once there, hunt among the first row of cars that are lined up and facing the giant, half-ripped screen. The red pickup truck will be the one you need to look out for. On the back of the car you’ll see the Battle Star, twirling and shimmering. Pick that up with a quick hold of the “Interact” button and you will have completed the Secret Tier. No fuss, no muss.

Now you’ve done that, all roads lead to Week 7. If you’ve collected every single Season 5 Secret Tier Battle Star up until now, simply grabbing the Week 7 Battle Star should see you getting your mitts on the Road Trip skin. Only one more week to go. Can we really wait that long?