Madden 19 1.07 Update: What’s in the New Madden Title Update Patch Notes?

There’s a good chance you’ve fired Madden 19 up and have been met by a chunky update. Don’t let the Madden 19 1.07 update scare you. While the new title update does implement several new changes, as well as bug fixes, it’s not one of those massive day one patches (or in this case, week two patches) you hear about that fundamentally change how a game is played. Below, we’ll go through the majority of the Madden 19 title update patch notes to see what has (and hasn’t) changed for the better. There’s even some new player faces for you too coo over as well.

Madden 19 1.07 Update Main Changes:

Where to begin? It really is a doozy of a title update. The Hit Stick has now been tweaked, presumably to make it a little harder to smash people than it is now, though games will have to be played and (virtual) careers shortened before we really feel the benefit of that.

On the offensive side of the ball, catching has received a considerable buff (or, rather, safeties have been nerfed somewhat) with possession catches now proving to be more powerful against any knockdown attempts.

If you want to launch the rock in play-action, that’ll be more effective too. EA has confirmed that blocking has been improved, which means the QB will get more time in the pocket to, hopefully, hit a picture-perfect pass to your wide receiver.

Additionally, there’s some brand-new commentary lines from duo Brandon Gaudin and Charles David. My poor ears.

Madden 19 1.07 Update Download Size:

The Madden 19 update is a smidgen under 2 GB, at around 1.916 GB. You can update your version of the game simply by starting up the client/game on Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

Madden 19 1.07 Update New Player Likenesses:

While I don’t want to bore you by having you scroll down the 30 new player likenesses added to the game (check the 1.07 patch notes section below for more details on that), it’s worth noting some of the big boys that have updated faces. Kareem Hunt and first-rounder Bradley Chubb have their faces in the game, as do some of the more deep cuts, including Corey Clement and Luke Falk.

Madden 19 1.07 Update Patch Notes:

The full (and I mean full) list of Madden 19 1.07 Title Update patch notes can be found over on the EA site. There you’ll find the minutiae of every little update and, in some cases, the reasoning behind it. Everything from Franchise Mode, to Madden Ultimate Team, and beyond is covered.