Dance Dance Revolution Movie Is in Development

A Dance Dance Revolution movie is reportedly in development at Stampede Ventures. Greg Silverman launched the media company after leaving Warner Bros Pictures in 2016. Silverman was president of Warner Bros. Pictures from 2013 to 2016. The Dance Dance Revolution movie comes after Stampede announced Cara Fano as director of development for film and TV.

According to Variety’s report, the DDR movie will “explore a world on the brink of destruction where the only hope is to unite through the universal language of dance.” Think Footloose but during the apocalypse. The movie could be taking the “revolution” in DDR seriously, and using that as a jumping-off point for its world.

Deadline reported that Cara Fano will be Stampede’s director of development for film and TV. In that report the site noted the that Stampede will be working with producers J. Todd Harris and Marc Marcum, along with IP holder Konami. Fano worked with Silverman at Warner Bros., and followed him when he started Stampede. Stampede’s head of film Lisa Zambri will be overseeing the production.

The Dance Dance Revolution movie news comes in the wake of the first game’s 20th anniversary. Dance Dance Revolution launched on September 26, 1998 in Japan and became a cultural phenomenon in that country. The original game was followed by a variety of sequels throughout the years. Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova was released in 2006 worldwide, and reinvigorated the franchise. There are worldwide tournaments for the rhythm music game.

DDR owner Konami has been distancing itself from video game development in recent years. The publisher fired Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima during production of Metal Gear Solid 5, and have focused on other industries since the mid 2010s. Pachinko machines have been a main source of Konami’s revenue, and the company has moved towards that industry. Konami has worked with Netflix on a Castlevania series, and movie deals seem like they would fit with their business plan.