PES 2019 Lite Offers a Stripped Down Version of the Full Game

Konami has announced a return to the Lite version of Pro Evo games, with PES 2019 Lite arriving on December 13. The game will offer players a stripped down version of the full game, with a focus on the myClub mode. Similar to PES Lite 2018, it’ll be free to play but will contain a whole bunch of microtransactions.

If you played Pro Evo 18 Lite, then you’ll have some idea as to what’s on offer with Pro Evo 2019‘s upcoming iteration. It’s essentially a barebones version of the game that includes the games new myClub mode. The Ultimate Team-esque game mode sees you put together a squad featuring the very best talent that football has to offer past and present. Of course, to put together a squad that resembles anything close to what the game’s trailer shows off will set you back a fair few dollars, but you can still get involved without spending anything.

The trailer doesn’t confirm whether exhibition matched will be available for PES 2019 Lite as they are for PES 2018. Though players won’t just have myClub to sink their teeth into, you’ll also be able to make the most of the game’s Edit mode. Much like the rest of PES’ customization features, the edit mode for PES Lite will let you have a fiddle with team kits, badges, and stadiums until you have a rag-tag squad looking just the way you want them.

But the upcoming Lite version of PES 2019 is heavily geared towards creating a fantasy football styled experience. You’ll be coerced back to the game every week as mechanics like the Featured Players adjust a player’s overall rating or their abilities based on their team’s performance.

PES 2019 Lite will be available for free from December 13 but don’t be surprised if the game tries to pressure you into spending some cold hard cash.