Gears 5 supports PC and Xbox One crossplay in several modes

Gears 5 will support PC and Xbox One crossplay for several modes when it launches later this year. The third-person shooter will let the two platforms play together in both its competitive modes and its co-op modes, according to an interview with Multiplayer Director Ryan Cleven.

Gears 5 players will be able to compete against both PC and Xbox One players in the game’s Versus Multiplayer. “Cross-platform play also extends across the other Gears 5 modes to provide a great over-the-top three-player experience in Escape, an epic five-player Horde session, or three-player Campaign co-op,” Clevens said in an interview with Gamespot. That brings the crossplay capability to the Escape, Horde, and Campaign modes.

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Cleven also said that Xbox One players will be able to opt out of matchmaking against PC players for ranked matches. This is due to the fidelity of keyboard and mouse controls being seen as an advantage over controllers. In a competitive environment, an even playing field is ideal. Strangely, Gears 5 will support keyboard and mouse controls on the Xbox One. It’s unclear if those players are included when you opt out of playing against PC users too.

Gears 5 will run a Technical Test, or a beta, this week and next week for anyone who has preordered the game or has a current Xbox Game Pass subscription. The beta of the game will include the game’s Versus modes, the Bootcamp training mode, and the Tour of Duty challenge mode. It won’t include any of its campaign or co-op modes. It will be available on both PC and Xbox One, which might give The Coalition a good way to test the crossplay features before the game launches.

Gears 5 releases on Xbox One and PC on September 10, 2019. It’ll be available immediately to anyone with the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.