Tell GR | What video game subscription services are you subscribed to?

As we continue to creep towards a future dominated by subscription services across all forms of entertainment, gaming companies are falling over one another to launch their own. We’ve got Xbox Game Pass, EA Access, PS Now, and many more asking players to hand over a monthly fee in exchange for access to entire libraries of games. Some of them are definitely worth the cost of entry, while others… not so much.

But which game subscription services are you subscribed to? Let us know in today’s Tell GR, and as always we’ll feature our favorite responses in tomorrow’s

Paul Tamburro, executive editor: “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, PS Now, Origin Premier, PS Plus, Xbox Live, and Nintendo Online. I also have a Final Fantasy XIV subscription that I should really cancel, considering I haven’t played it in months. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is by far the best choice. I resubscribed to PS Now this year just to see if it had improved at all since I was last a member a couple of years ago, and I was surprised by how much is on there. It doesn’t compete with Game Pass in any meaningful capacity, but it’s game streaming works well and it has a decent library. I like sports games so 

Jason Faulkner, senior editor: “I have PS Now, Uplay Plus, and Xbox Game Pass. Game Pass is the only one I use with any frequency. I had Origin Premier, but I hate the PC client so much I canceled it. I should really just cancel PS Now and Uplay Plus, but I always see something on them I intend to play someday, so I can’t bring myself to do it.”

Mack Ashworth, lead editor: “I’m subscribed to PlayStation Plus (a requirement for most online multiplayer experiences), Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (3 months for £1 was an obvious win), and Apple Arcade for mobile games without the BS. I dabble with other services when there are offers on, but those are what I’m currently subscribed to.”

Michael Leri, features editor: “I’m actually not subscribed to anything aside from PlayStation Plus. Game Pass is an incredible deal but I am primarily a PlayStation player. And while PS Now is getting better, I usually buy the games I want. If I didn’t have this job where I regularly get games, I’d be more open to subscribing but I have no reason to now.”

Yesterday’s Question | What’s your favorite Halo game?

bigtruckseriesreview: Easily, the first Halo on Xbox. That Halo felt like a true “PC GAME”. There was plenty of chance for exploration and the game felt more like a mixture of sandboxes. I personally liked the health system which essentially gave you two health bars to manage. CRYSIS and HALO had this traditional health system and it was far better than this new bulls*** where you only get one bar and damage beyond that kills you outright. What the f*** is my “super suit” for if it allows a small blow to KILL ME just because it’s out of power??? The first Halo had great visuals and great presentation.

“I was NOT a fan of Halo 2. When it was released the graphics were too much for the Xbox. The only thing it offered beyond Halo was Multiplayer – which is why people regard it highly. Also like Crysis, Halo shifted gameplay from the Covenant enemies to the Flood. I realized early on that the shotgun was the only way to go with the flood, but that the rocket launcher and well placed grenades could also be really helpful. The last level where you have to fight through the Earth flagship against the flood still stands out in my mind. There was too much backtracking and too many similar looking caverns, but I still found Halo more memorable than all its predecessors.”