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REVIEWS The Wolf Among Us Review
Wherein Sleeping Beauty takes a cab home and calls it a night.

Divinity: Original Sin Review
Put this one in the Kickstarter success column.
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PREVIEWS Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Preview
After going hands-on with Inquisition for about an hour, I'm confident it will blast both previous Dragon Age installments out of the water.
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NEW RELEASES Amazing Princess Sarah
Release date: Out Now

Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth
Release date: 07/15/14

Sacred 3
Release date: 08/05/14

Release date: 08/12/14

LATEST FEATURES Gearbox Software Discusses LGBTQ Representation and "Stupid Sexist Bull****" in Borderlands
CEO Randy Pitchford, writer Anthony Burch, and three fellow developers share Gearbox's stance on queer characters in Borderlands at GaymerX2.

Are Open Worlds Really "Open-World"?
Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto believes that "vast" is a far better term. What do you think?
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Where Did Makoto Go?
By LinksOcarina
Posted on 07/07/14
Meet Makoto.   Like any character from an RPG, Makoto has his own quirks to stand out in his game, Enchanted Arms . For Makoto, he is a support character who uses the element of Light for most of his spell casting, along with a saxophone as a conduit. He is also impulsive...

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Star Wars: Battlefront (2014)

GENRE Action 
PUBLISHER Electronic Arts 
RP What do these ratings mean?
Star Wars: Battlefront is a fresh take on the popular action series courtesy of the development team at DICE.


E3 2014: EA Press Conference Reaction 06/09/14
EA gives us a lot of glimpses into what might be content someday. (read more)

Why We Should Stop Idolizing Canceled Games 06/06/14
Especially with E3 arriving soon, let's have critical look at Star Wars 1313 and other famously canceled titles. (read more)

May the Fourth Be With You, Star Wars Holiday Special 05/04/14
Sometimes, people ask what it would sound like if Luke, Leia, and Han got drunk on Wook-nog and sang a few holiday tunes. Sometimes, you want to force-choke people for saying stupid stuff. (read more)

May the Fourth Be With You, Rogue Squadron And Wraith Squadron 05/04/14
He’s too close! I can’t shake him… this guy is like some kind of space mouse or something! Blast it, Darth Mickey… you’ll kill us all. (read more)

May the Fourth Be With You, Young Jedi Knights 05/04/14
Disney and Lucasfilm have decided to ax the entirety of the Star Wars expanded universe and one of my favorite book series took the first chop. (read more)

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