The Sims 2: Castaway FAQ/ Walkthrough

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Walkthrough/FAQ/Guide for Sims 2 Castaway
By jelly221
Version 0.6

Well, I figured it’s about time I made my own FAQ. After using countless
others, I finally found a game that I love with nothing published! I’ll
put this up in parts until I compile enough information. If you’d like
to work with me on it, feel free to email me at

I don’t mind if you use my material, but please just mention that you got it
from me and ASK ME FIRST. I’ve put a lot of work into this, and I’d love to
share, just please don’t call it your own work if it’s not!

If you have any suggestions, or anything that I might have missed, please
e-mail me! This is a big project to undertake, and I'll take all the help
I can get!

This FAQ/Walkthrough is IN PROGRESS!! Check back for frequent updates. I
know that the official "Walthrough" part is in progress, but much of the
information is overlapped in the Goals Section.

Before e-mailing me with questions about the game, please check the GameFAQS
message board at
There are LOADS of knowledgeable people on the boards, and you will get
an answer much quicker than if you wait for me to reply.

Happy gaming!




Your needs and how to fulfill them.

Descriptions of the skills and how to develop them.

Here you will find a list of the goals in the game, and how to complete them.
Some are necessary to complete the game, many are not.

A list of all of the plans for building things in the game, along with the
resources required for each one.

Catalog of resources and where to find them.

Locations of the Heiroglyphics

Locations of the Treasure Map Pieces





HUNGER: Eat! Raw fruit works at first, but you'll
probably want to cook sooner or later. Cooked food
fills this need much quicker.

SLEEP: Use your sleeping mat until you've built a bed.
The better the bed, the better the sleep.

BLADDER: Use the toilet paper.

FUN: Sitting in front of the fire is easiest. When you
make a musical instrument, you can play them for fun, or
dance when you find the radio. Also, if you view objects
you have made it will increase this.

SOCIAL: Social interactions. Make friends with the chimps
if you have no other humans, or build a sand buddy.

HYGIENE: Swim in any body of water. When you find the hot
springs they will completely satisfy this. Also, once you
can build a shower that works too.

COMFORT: Warm yourself in front of the fire, or sit on a
chair. If you have a nice bed, it will raise this. Once
you've found the hot springs, they will increase this too.


Skills are the same as in the regular Sims game (there is no cleaning
like Sims 2), and they are fairly easy to gain in this game. As long
as you are doing your regular survival chores and tasks, you will
increase your skills.

BODY: Increase this by climbing trees, cutting wood, harvesting bamboo,
ore, clay, obsidian, vines, etc.
Required to successfully fight the boar, or canoe to Island 3.

MECHANICAL: Increase this by building or crafting anything.
Required to make certain objects.

COOKING: Increase this by gathering food or cooking.

CHARISMA: Increase this by using social interactions.

LOGIC: Increase this by playing chess.

CREATIVITY: Increase this by playing musical instruments or making clothes.
Required to make certain objects.


Throughout the game you will find different books on the islands that
give you some goals, both short and long term. When you accomplish
the goals, new plans are unlocked, thus progressing you forward in the
game. I have listed the books and their goals below, as well as how to
accomplish each goal.

Book 1: Moneywell's Big Book of Survival
Location: Shipwreck Island, First Beach

Basic Survival

If you have it this far, then you have avoided immediate death.
Congratulations. Now let's turn our thoughts to impending death.
The best way to avoid impending death is to start thinking long term
about your survival prospects. It's time to start developing some skills
and tools that will help you survive over the long haul...

- Build a Workbench
On the First Beach close to the line of trees, you'll see two tall,
skinny stones sticking up from the ground. Go over to these, and
you'll get the option, "Build Workbench".

- Cook a Fish
First you must craft either the spear or the fishing rod, you'll
probably do the spear first. You must have built the workbench.

To spear fish, walk into the ocean by a group of fish. You'll
get the option "Spear Fish". Then you'll pull out your spear,
and have the option "Stab Fish". Wait until one of the fish in the
group you're near jumps, and press Z (or A) immediately after. You'll
catch a fish every time this way.

To fish with the rod, go into Inventory and select the rod. Then,
go close to a body of water, and select the option "Fish". Watch the red
bobber (you might have to adjust the camera angle) and whenever it goes
down, press Z or A ("Reel In").

To cook a fish you must have built a firepit (or an oven will work later).
Head over to the firepit, and select "Cook Meal". Then choose a fish as
your ingredient. Voila, roast fish!

- Explore the Jungle
This is probably the easiest to accomplish. In the break in the treeline
on the First Beach, you'll see some brambles. Walk up to them, and select
the option, "Explore". You have successfully explored the jungle.

- Make a Shelter
Go into the Menu and select Plans. On the bottom row you'll find plans
for roofs. These should be the only building plans you have yet. Select
your favorite roof (or the one you have the resources for), and press B
to get out of the menu screen. Walk over to where you place the roof, and
select "Build". Your Sim will then construct your shelter.

Find a Way Home

Some people arrive at the doorstep of disaster and realize that they have
discovered their new home. After all, there are worse things than living
on a tropical island. Still, if you want to go home, you need a plan, and
then plan usually boils down to one of two things: leave the island
yourself or contact someone to pick you up. If you are lucky, the choice
will be yours to make.

- Assemble a Radio Transmitter
- Send an SOS from High Ground
- Build a Sea Worthy Boat

Shipwrecked by Lord R. Stickywick
Location: Shipwreck Island, Pier Beach

Chimps are out to get me

This is the journal of Lord Reginald Wainscott Stickywick von Dosenwald,
37th Earl of Biscuit and his documentation of the proceedings of the first
expedition of the HMS Poodle under the command of Captain J. Artemis Mogg.
As noted in an earlier journal, we have shipwrecked on an island and have
established a small settlement, awaiting rescue. Today, we discovered we
were not alone when we met a small furry man who had a shocking disregard
for our lavatory.

- Befriend a Chimp
First you will have to walk up to a chimp. Give them a banana, this
convinces them to hang around long enough to get to know you. Then,
select random social interactions to build your relationship with the
chimp. You can name the chimp; this helps to tell them apart (3 on the
first two islands, and I've only seen 1 on the last island). Once you've
reached a certain level, you will become friends with them. To view your
relationship statuses, select the "Show Relationships" button close to
your motives, or under Menu select "Personal Info" and then go to the
"Relationships" tab.

- Use chimp to gather
Once you have made friends with the chimps, after awhile they will
approach you with a green packet in their... hands? Anyway, walk
up to the chimp, and select the option "Get from Chimp". A popup
window will then tell you what exactly the chimp gave you. By the way,
this is a great way to get some bonus resources, and the only way to get
one of the map pieces.

Home Life

The crew of the HMS Poodle has created a small settlement near the
shipwreck that I have christened Biscuit Town, in honor of me. I have
instructed my manservant Haythornwaite to immediately embroider a flag
in my likeness after he finishes buffing my face powder collection.
I have also instructed him to prepare my island quarters with the domestic
refinements appropriate for one of my station.

- Light the Home Torch
To light the home torch, simply go to a firepit, and select the option
"Light the Home Torch".

- Build a Bed
Go into the menu, select "Plans", and select "Beds". Build one of the

- Build a Table
Go into the menu, select "Plans", and select "Tables". Build one of the

- Craft a Shirt
You must have a workbench. Stand by it, select "Craft", and then select
"Clothes" and then "Tops". Choose your favorite shirt, and make it! To
wear your creation, go in the menu and choose "Fashion & Grooming". You'll
see the same screen as when you created your Sim.

Reach the Other Island

While chasing a small furry man from our camp, Haythornwaite discovered a
second island to the southeast of Biscuit Town (now called Fort Biscuit due
to the daily incursions by the local tribe of furry men). My manservant
believes he also found the remnants of an ancient pier that we may be able
to use to travel to the second island, if we decide to abandon Fort Biscuit
to the tribe of furry men.

- Build a raft
Go to Pier Beach (the other side of the first island), and walk over to
the tall stone pillars by the ocean. Once you have all of the resources,
return to the pier and select "Build Raft".

- Reach the second island
You must be well-rested, and then walk over to the raft you created and
select "Explore".

Log of the Final Voyage of Beard Beard the Pirate
Location: Airplane Island, West Beach

Explore the New Island

Arrr, this is the journal of John Wilson, aka Beard Beard the Pirate, dread
scourge of the seven seas. Boarder of ships. Plunderer of gold.
Exfenstrator of fancy men and their fancy ways. Arrrrr! Today, we returned
to our home base after a long voyage of plundering and looting, and I have
ordered my men to further explore our island and prepare for another voyage
of adventure. Arrrrr! Arrrrrrr!

- Find the Jungle
Walk over to the break in the trees (it's right in front of you when you
first land on the island) and walk through to Airplane Jungle.

- Find the Cave
After you enter Airplane Jungle, go straight ahead and to your right a bit.
You'll see the cave. Walk inside.

- Find the River Plains
In the cave you will see several of the feet symbols. One will be up a
steep slope. Once you are well rested, warp back to this location (using
the map) and climb up. Go through this new jungle (Skull Rock Jungle) and
to the left of where you enter you will see another feet symbol. This is
the River Plains.

- Find the Other Beach
To find the other beach you must cross the river gorge. You must build a
bridge, and then go through the South River Jungle to the East Beach.

Live off the Land

Arrr, it has been several months now since we first returned from our last
voyage, because we have been cursed with a visit from my mother, the Dread
Pirate Edith and her band of scandal-mongering blatherskites. Upon seeing my
slight frame, my beloved mother insisted that I could not leave this island
until I have proven to her that I know how to eat properly. I am hoping with
little cause for optimism that she leaves before the end of my natural life.

- Catch a Chicken
Chickens are first found in the West River Plains. First you must build a
chicken trap at your workbench. Then go to the West River Plains (or
another location where chickens are found). When you see the chicken, walk
over to it. It will fly away, but you will have an option to "Set Chicken
Trap". While you're there, also collect the feathers it left behind. Set
the trap, and come back in a little while to check if you caught a chicken.
You can build as many of these as you'd like, and build your own Chicken

- Hunt a Boar
Oh, the illustrious boar. Bane of many Sims' deserted island experiences.
There are no fool-proof ways (as of yet) to hunt a boar. They are most
commonly found on the third island in the Geyser Plains. However, there
are reports of boars on Airplane Island in the Airplane Jungle.

To hunt the boar, you must follow it around and irritate it. It might
leave the screen. If it does this, find another boar and try again. If
you can get the board cornered, it will often attack. You can also try to
lure it by leaving food out, or by building a garden and not fencing it in.

YOU MUST HAVE HIGH (almost, if not 10) BODY SKILL to successfully hunt the
boar. Once it attacks you, you will see a brown dust cloud. If you win,
you will receive some leather, some boar tusks, and a ham. Yummy!

- Fish a Shark
Sharks must be caught with the fishing pole, as they are found in deep
water. For fishing tips, see the goal "Cook a Fish" above. Sharks are
most commonly found on Volcano Island in the Tidal Pools, on Crystal
Island, and in the Hidden Lagoon. Again, they have been found on the second
island, but this is rare. Basically, keep fishing until you think you
will never catch a shark, and someday you will.

Moneywell's Big Book of Survival 2


If you have read this far, you have probably given up hope of a quick rescue.
Or,perhaps, you have decided to say goodbye to the real world, and you are
ready to more firmly establish your new tropical home. In either event,
welcome to the exciting world of dirt farming! Foraging for food requires a
lot of energy, and if you can collect all your food in one place, you can
maximimize your chance of survival by minimizing your exposure to the wilds
of the wilderness. So grab a hoe, and let's go!

- Plant a crop
To plant a crop, you must gather ashes from a firepit (AFTER the fire is
extinguished!). You must also have crafter the hoe. In the Menu under
Plans, you will see a plan in "Special Plans" for a "Cultivatable Soil
Patch". Place it, then leave the menu. Walk over to it, and you will
get the option "Plant Sprout". Select which crop you want to grow- you
may grow either food or resources.

- Harvest a crop
Crops will grow on their own. It must be the triving jungle climate.
After about 15 minutes real time, go back and check your crops. If you
planted very quick growing plants (like bamboo or sisal), they will
definitely have grown. Walk over to them, and select "Harvest ___".

- Harvest an egg
After you have caught a chicken, build a coop. Walk over to it, and select
"Add Chicken". Walk up to your chicken and select "Serenade Chicken".
For some odd reason, this causes it to lay eggs. Select "Harvest Eggs".
You can harvest as many eggs as you'd like, just keep serenading the

Reach Last Island

Rafts are suitable vessels for navigating calm waters, but they are ill-
equipped for crossing a span of water that requires agility and speed in order
to navigate hazardous obstacles or quickly changing currents. For this, you
will have better luck with a canoe.

- Build a canoe
Once you have made it to the East Beach,

- Reach the Third Island
Once your canoe is built, get a good night's sleep. Make sure you have at
least a Provisional Bed or Cot. Sleep until your Sim will sleep no more,
and then go to your fire and cook some guarana. Warp over to the East Beach
(if you're not already there), walk over to your canoe, and select
"Explore". YOU MUST HAVE 10 BODY POINTS to canoe to the 3rd island.

The Biscuit Isles by Lord R. Stickywick
Location: Volcano Island, South Volcano Beach

Explore 3rd island

I have arrived on the third island, the final survivor of the HMS Poodle,
having paddled to safety on the back of my manservant Haythornwaite. As for the
others, their fate lies inscribed somewhere in the belly of a jungle boar, who
are my second journal as I fled for safety of Haythornwaite's able back.
Suffice it to say that the crew fell to the multiple miseries of a dozen
mutinies, the unslaked hunger of ravenous boars, and an ill-advised journey
across a span of devil quicksand, which I have named Biscuit-sand, in my honor.

- Find a Hot Spring
The hot springs are located in Volcano Jungle. Go right where the path
splits, and just keep going back into the jungle until you find the springs.

- Find the Llama temple
The door to the Llama temple is located in Geyser Plains. You must have
all 9 Heiroglyphics (see "Heiroglyphics" section below) to open the door.

- Reach the Volcano Summit
You can reach the Summit one of two ways- one requires lots of energy,
the other requires the Heiroglyphics. I did it the "hard way" (climbing
up the side of the volcano, which takes energy), but you also get a piece
of the treasure map that way. Go through Geyser Plains, and chisel away at
Geyser Rock.

If you are standing in front of the geyser and your Sim just shrugs, go
right and you will see a little hill. On the top of that hill is a rock.
Go stand next to the rock, and choose "Inspect". You must be standing in
JUST the right spot, but eventually your Sim will pull out their Chisel and
Hammer (you have those, right?) and the stone will fall.

You will then be on Volcano Overlook. To your right you will see a steep
hill with what look like ruins. Find the Footprint Symbol, and choose
"Explore". If you have enough energy, you will make it to the top.

- Find the other beach
To find the other beach you must go through the Llama Temple, do the
ceremonial dive into the Tidal Pools, and swim around until you go through
a rock formation. You will see the Footprint Symbol leading you to the
North Volcano Beach.

Study the Llama People

I found further evidence today of a lost civilization who worshipped an animal
with a most peculiar morphology, a shape similar to a mutant goat or bubonic
horse. This strange creature appears to be a new species, so I have named it
the Biscuit Goat-Horse, in honor of myself. Why did these people worship this
Biscuit Goat-Horse? Perhaps more will be revealed when I make the arduous
climb up the ancient staircase that wraps itself around the volcano. Pity
Haythornwaite isn't here...

- Find all four royal statues

- Repair the Ceremonial Forge
This is the big, funny looking workbench type thing located in the Temple.
Stand by it and select "Repair". This will unlock the fourth island,
Crystal Island. It will also allow you to make glass.

- Find the Llama King's Crown
This is just lying on the floor in the temple. Walk over to it and pick it

- Perform a Ceremonial Cliff dive
In the Ancient Theater, walk down the steps. You'll see the foot symbol.
Walk over to it, and select "Explore".

Enjoy the pleasure palace

I sometimes wonder if my mind is not entirely my own. I have now lived on
these islands for many, many months, and I find myself abandoning the amenities
of a balanced mind. On the positive side, I found a crown and have declared
myself King Biscuit I of the Biscuit Islands, named in my honor. Tonight,
having used the crown in a most creative way to open a secret door to a
magnificent palace, I will marry my longtime companion these many months, a
petite and well-mannered coconut I have named Elizabeth. May we live long and
happy lives. Good bye for ever.

- Enjoy the Palace
There are some disputes as to when this goal is finished. Since this is my
walkthrough, you'll get my point of view. After you have found the Llama
Temple and gotten the Llama King's Crown, go back to the Dark Cave on
Airplane Island. Walk over to the locked door and select "Inspect". Your
Sim will know what to do. Watch in amazement.

A Pirate's Guide to Retirement, Manuscript

Build a Durable Home

Arrrr! By my seven beards, I have never met a woman as stubborn as my mother,
the Dread Pirate Edith. We are now three years since she interrupted the
preparations for my next voyage, and she has now comandeered my equipment and
my men to build herself a country villa so that she may retire in peace. I
curse her and her peanut butter cookies.

- Build A Cabin
Under plans, build three cabin walls, a cabin roof, and a door. That's
all! You can get more elaborate if you wish, and you probably will. You
can also build one of the pre-fab cabins.

- Build two cabin chairs
Under Plans, go to Chairs, and build two Cabin Chairs.

Create a Resort

I write this as the most wretched pirate in the history of avarice. My mother
has now officially taken command of my men, and I have been sent to bed without
supper, on account of my unwillingness to shave my beards. Shave my beards?
Is this woman mad? Alas, yes, she must be, for she has now decided to build a
magnificent city of pirates in the mold of El Dorado or Shangri-La. Madness.
We'll all be dead in a week.

- Build a Bungalow

- Build a Lavish Shower

- Create a Shell Shirt
You must have a workbench. Go to one, select "Craft", and "Clothing Plans".
Scroll over to the right, and choose the shell shirt.

- Use a Bungalow Stove to make a feast



Requirements: Crafting Bench, Knife
Resources: 5 Softwood

-Chicken Trap
Requirements: Bamboo Crafting Bench, Knife, 5 Mech. Skill
Resources: 10 Softwood

-Fish Trap
Requirements: Bamboo Crafting Bench, Knife, 5 Mech. Skill
Resources: 10 Softwood

Requirements: Forge, Hammer, 8 Mech. Skill
Resources: 5 Hardwood, 35 Metal Ore

-Wood Fishing Pole
Requirements: Bamboo Crafting Bench, Knife, 5 Mech. Skill
Resources: 5 Softwood, 5 Hardwood, 5 Twine

Firepits & Stoves

-Emergency Fire Pit
Requirements: None
Resources: 5 Driftwood
Benefits: 2 Fun, 1 Comfort

-Provisional Fire Pit
Requirements: 4 Mech. Skill
Resources: 3 Stone, 5 Clay
Benefits: 2 Fun, 3 Comfort

-Hut Stove
Requirements: 2 Mech. Skill, 2 Cook. Skill
Resources: 10 Bamboo, 10 Vine, 10 Softwood, 8 Stone

-Fortified Fire Pit
Requirements: 6 Mech. Skill
Resources: 20 Stone, 15 Clay
Benefits: 2 Fun, 5 Comfort

-Cabin Stove
Requirements: 4 Mech. Skill, 4 Cook. Skill
Resources: 5 Hardwood, 10 Softwood, 30 Stone, 10 Clay

-Bungalow Stove
Requirements: 6 Mech. Skill, 6 Cook. Skill
Resources: 25 Metal Ore

Seating Plans

-Hut Dining Chair
Requirements: 4 Logic Skill
Resources: 5 Bamboo, 3 Vine
Benefits: 3 Comfort

-Hut Living Roome Chair
Requirements: 4 Logic Skill
Resources: 5 Driftwood, 5 Bamboo, 3 Vine
Benefits: 3 Comfort

-Hut Sofa
Requirements: 4 Logic Skill
Resources: 10 Bamboo, 5 Vine, 4 Grass
Benefits: 5 Comfort

-Hut Loveseat
Requirements: 4 Logic Skill
Resources: 8 Bamboo, 5 Vine, 4 Grass
Benefits: 4 Comfort

-Shack Dining Chair
Requirements: None
Resources: 5 Driftwood, 5 Vine
Benefits: 1 Comfort

-Shack Living Room Chair
Requirements: None
Resources: 5 Driftwood, 5 Vine
Benefits: 1 Comfort

-Shack Sofa
Requirements: 1 Mech. Skill, 1 Logic Skill
Resources: 10 Driftwood, 15 Vine
Benefits: 3 Comfort

-Shack Loveseat
Requirements: 1 Mech. Skill, 1 Logic Skill
Resources: 5 Driftwood, 10 Vine
Benefits: 2 Comfort

-Shack Stool
Requirements: None
Resources: 5 Bamboo, 5 Vine
Benefits: 1 Comfort

-Cabin Dining Chair
Requirements: Hammer, 6 Logic Skill
Resources: 5 Hardwood, 10 Softwood, 10 Rattan, 10 Rope
Benefits: 4 Comfort

-Cabin Living Room Chair
Requirements: Hammer, 6 Logic Skill
Resources: 5 Hardwood, 10 Softwood, 10 Rope, 10 Cotton
Benefits: 4 Comfort

-Cabin Sofa
Requirements: Hammer, 6 Logic Skill
Resources: 15 Hardwood, 30 Softwood, 30 Rope, 30 Cotton
Benefits: 6 Comfort

-Cabin Loveseat
Requirements: Hammer, 6 Logic Skill
Resources: 10 Hardwood, 20 Softwood, 20 Rope, 20 Cotton
Benefits: 5 Comfort

Bed Plans

-Improvised Cot
Requirements: None
Resources: 4 Driftwood, 3 Vine
Benefits: 3 Energy, 3 Comfort

-Improvised Bed
Requirements: None
Resources: 5 Driftwood, 4 Vine
Benefits: 3 Energy, 3 Comfort

-Provisional Cot
Requirements: 4 Logic Skill
Resources: 7 Bamboo, 5 Vine
Benefits: 4 Energy, 4 Comfort

-Provisional Bed
Requirements: 4 Logic Skill
Resources: 8 Bamboo, 6 Vine
Benefits: 4 Energy, 4 Comfort

-Sturdy Cot
Requirements: Hammer, 6 Logic Skill
Resources: 5 Hardwood, 10 Softwood, 20 Rope, 20 Cotton
Benefits: 7 Energy, 7 Comfort

-Sturdy Bed
Requirements: Hammer, 6 Logic Skill
Resources: 5 Hardwood, 20 Softwood, 20 Rope, 20 Cotton
Benefits: 7 Energy, 7 Comfort

Table Plans

-Small Shack Table
Requirements: None
Resources: 5 Driftwood, 4 Vine

-Standard Shack Table
Requirements: None
Resources: 10 Driftwood, 8 Vine

-Large Shack Table
Requirements: None
Resources: 15 Driftwood, 12 Vine

-Small Hut Table
Requirements: 4 Logic Skill
Resources: 10 Bamboo, 10 Vine

-Standard Hut Table
Requirements: 4 Logic Skill
Resources: 3 Bamboo, 2 Vine

-Large Hut Table
Requirements: 4 Logic Skill
Resources: 4 Bamboo, 4 Vine

-Small Cabin Table
Requirements: Hammer, 6 Logic Skill
Resources: 5 Hardwood, 10 Softwood, 10 Rattan

-Large Cabin Table
Requirements: Hammer, 6 Logic Skill
Resources: 10 Hardwood, 20 Softwood, 10 Rattan

Lighting Plans

-Shack Floor Lamp
Requirements: 1 Logic Skill
Resources: 1 Bamboo, 2 Driftwood, 4 Vine
Benefits: 3 Environment

-Shack Table Lamp
Requirements: 1 Logic Skill
Resources: 1 Large Clam Shell, 1 Vine
Benefits: 3 Environment

-Hut Floor Lamp
Requirements: 4 Logic Skill
Resources: 2 Bamboo, 1 Vine
Benefits: 4 Environment

-Hut Table Lamp
Requirements: 4 Logic Skill
Resources: 1 Nautilus Shell, 3 Grass
Benefits: 4 Environment

-Cabin Floor Lamp
Requirements: 6 Logic Skill
Resources: 10 Bamboo, 5 Rattan, 5 Cotton, 5 Twine
Benefits: 7 Environment

-Cabin Table Lamp
Requirements: 6 Logic Skill
Resources: 5 Bamboo, 5 Rattan, 5 Cotton, 5 Twine
Benefits: 7 Environment




There are three heiroglyphics on each island. You must gather them to open the
Llama Temple to get items needed to beat the game.

Shipwreck Island:
1 - Deep Jungle - On the groun where the path splits.
2 - Shipwreck - On the deck of the ship, you can't miss it.
3 - Pier Beach - By the stones where you build your workbench.

Airplane Island:
4 - Dark Cave - On the ground next to the locked door.
5 - Skull Rock Jungle - On the ground next to the "Skull Rock".
6 - East River Plains - In front of the quicksand.

Volcano Island:
7 - South River Jungle - On the river bank.
8 - Volcano jungle - Nearest the top hot spring.
9 - Geyser plains - Just outside the heiroglyphics door that leads to the
Volcano Rim.


There are nine pieces to the treasure map. They lead to... a treasure.

1 - West Beach (Airplane Island)- Dive for clams (swim out to Clam Rock to get
the option).
2 - Volcano Jungle (Volcano Island)- Look around the hot springs.
3 - Volcano Rim (Volcano Island)- Climb to the top of the volcano (not through
the door, go the hard way).
4 - Tidal Pools (Volcano Island)- Do the Ceremonial Dive off the high cliff
into the water.
5 - Tidal Pools (Volcano Island)- Catch a tiger shark (see tips under "Goals")
6 - East River Plains (Airplane Island)- Behind the quicksand strip, behind the
left pillar. You must access this strip through the Hidden Lagoon.
7 - Crystal Island (Fourth hidden island)- The map piece is on the ground.
8 - Random - Pick up and read message in a bottle. This was my first map piece.
9 - Random- Get it in a "packet" (banana leaf bundle) from a chimp.

Copyright (c) 2007 Jennilee St. John