Splatoon August Update Detailed

Splatoon shipped with a limited amount of content back in May, but Nintendo has continued to support the game with frequent free updates. The next update hits Inkopolis in August, and it's the biggest one yet.

Nintendo detailed the August 6 update earlier this morning, and it includes quite a bit of content. One of the more noteworthy features is the introduction of private matches. Players can team up with friends to form squads and battle other players online, or they can participate in private matchmaking for two to eight players. That includes handicapped matches, so if one person wants to battle four friends at once, that's not a problem.

Another big change is the increase of the level cap. It's currently 20, but it'll become 50 in the August update. Trust me when I say that will take a while to reach. Players will also be able to reach rank S and S+ in ranked battles, an increase from the previous limit of A+.

Lastly, the August update includes two new weapon types and 40 pieces of gear. The first weapon type is the Slosher, which "hurls ink straight ahead at an impressive range." It requires players to angle shots for maximum effectiveness. The other weapon type is the Splatling, with essentially acts as a Gatling gun.

Although the August update is huge, Nintendo plans to support the game even more in the coming months. The company states that "more content will continually roll out through the rest of the summer and into autumn, including the Rainmaker Ranked Battle mode, additional maps and new weapons." It's a great time to be a Splatoon fan.