Dragon Quest Heroes II Gameplay Videos Include a Look at Multiplayer

Above, you can see the first official trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes II, the sequel to one of the best games of 2015, bound for PS4, PS3, and Vita. Among the changes are some cast member changes, bigger areas, different game flow, and multiplayer.

Check out some gameplay video from a live Square Enix broadcast, captured by the dutiful members of NeoGAF:

There one's got more combat:

And the multiplayer on display here:

Gameplay is said to be "more like Dragon Quest" with a town, field, dungeon flow, rather than the hub, combat, back to hub flow of the original. Exactly the extent of the change and what all it entails hasn't really been elaborated upon.

Stages will be bigger but include some teleportation points. As well, weather may affect the strength of magic spells.

For multiplayer, Aurora, Luceus, Yangus, Doric, Bianca, Isla, Psaro, and Nera will be free DLC characters; they can't be used in story mode.

The Japanese and Asian versions of this game are expected within 2016, but don't yet have an exact release date. It's bound for PS3, PS4, and Vita (including PSTV support), and will support cross-save as well as cross-platform multiplayer teamups. The PS3 version of the first Dragon Quest Heroes didn’t go west, but that game didn’t get a Vita version; it’s therefore not easy to predict whether that one will or won’t come along with its PS4 version, assuming this one also be localized.

[Via: NeoGAF]