Dragon Quest 12 in development according to series creator Yuji Horii

Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii has confirmed that Dragon Quest 12 is in development. According to Horii, production on Dragon Quest 12 began sometime in 2019.

Horii celebrated the beginning of 2020 with a tweet looking back at the series’ accomplishments in 2019. According to a translation of the tweet by Twitter user @bk2128 (via japanesenintendo.com), Horii included the beginning of Dragon Quest 12’s development among these accomplishments. He also thanked Dragon Quest fans for supporting the franchise, saying he did not know how much longer he will be able to stay in game development but that he wants to do his best “just a little bit more.”

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2019 saw somewhat of an explosion in Dragon Quest’s visibility in the western world. The Dragon Quest 11 Switch version let players experience an enhanced, on-the-go version of the series’ first console game since the PS2; the franchise made its Smash Bros. debut with the Dragon Quest Hero character; and Dragon Quest Builders 2 built on its predecessor’s best qualities.