Smash Ultimate Dragon Quest Hero release date may have been revealed by accident

At E3 2019, Nintendo revealed a couple of DLC characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Now, the company may have accidentally revealed that the Smash Ultimate Dragon Quest Hero DLC character release date may be later this month.

Nintendo recently released a new trailer with the title “Fan-Favorites & Newest Releases – July.” This trailer shows the things that Nintendo Switch owners can expect this month. As part of this, the trailer shows a short sequence showing one of the Smash Ultimate DLC characters, the Hero from Dragon Quest 11.

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Normally, this would simply mean that the Hero would be arriving this month. However, soon after it was released, Nintendo changed the title of the video to say “Summer” instead of “July.”

This now raises the question of what the mistake was. Did the trailer simply jump the gun on the Hero arriving this month? Or, did someone include the clip by mistake, meaning that the Hero isn’t coming in July after all? One clue may be the fact that every thing else shown in the trailer is either coming out this month, or has already done so.

When he does come out, the Hero will be bringing along a few other friends with him. While his default skin is that from Dragon Quest 11, his alternate outfits take the form of heroes from past Dragon Quest games. Additionally, his Final Smash also summons other Dragon Quest protagonists as well.

Whether or not the Hero is coming this month, or later in the summer, fans will be getting him before the other DLC character announced at E3 2019. At the event, Nintendo revealed that the much anticipated Banjo-Kazooie would also be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the fall.

Of course, Nintendo still has more DLC characters planned for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Beyond these two (and Persona 5‘s Joker), the game’s Fighter Pass has two more DLC characters that have yet to be revealed.