Over 25 Things I Learned From Playing FFXIV: Heavensward at E3 2015 a Second Time

After publishing my hands-on impressions with Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward at E3 this week, I received a wealth of questions from fellow FFXIV fans. A few of them I was able to answer based on my experience yesterday, but a few required that I go back and play the expansion again. So, I went on my second journey to Square Enix's booth this morning to answer some of the current unknowns regarding the expansion, most of which are about its new jobs and skills.


Check out the questions and answers below.



Question #1 by HeavenSplitter


Is there anyway you could tell me how much time Fang and Claw and Wheeling Thrust add to the timer of Blood of the Dragon and is there anyway you could explain which finisher is shown in the benchmark/skill trailer and what the animation looks like of the finisher that hasn't been shown? Plz :3

Fang and Claw as well as Wheeling Thrust (the new tier four Dragoon skills) increase Blood of the Dragon by 15 seconds. However, there is an imposed 30 second limit to Blood of the Dragon's buff. In the new job skills trailer Fang and Claw is shown. While I wasn't allowed to film Wheeling Thrust, its animation has your character perform a front flip with the spear slamming the foe, and then you do a 360 slash. Green spell effect appears during this animation. It looks much better than the other three Full Thrust combo skills.


Question #2 by Heavensplitter


I guess my last few questions would be did you notice a change in heavy thrust, phlebotimize, and life surge? I know they showed in the patch notes that they were getting changed. I'm assuming duration buffs for HT and Phleb, but not sure what they'd do with Life Surge. Definitely looking forward to seeing Wheeling Thrust myself. Also the big theorycrafting question. How much does Geirskogul reduce BotD for?​

Heavy Thrust and Phlebotomize now have a 24 second duration. I'm unsure about Life Surge. Gierskogul reduces Blood of the Dragon by 10 seconds.


Question #3 by HeavenlyArmed


I'd like to know for sure if Gierskogul completely consumes BotD, even when its duration is at full, what they changed about Life Surge, and if possible see how strong the crit buff from Battle Litany is. Thanks for all the info, you've actually been more helpful to theorycrafters than the patch notes were.​

Battle Litany is a 15% critical strike buff for yourself and nearby teammates that lasts 10 seconds.

Question #4 by Stoxastic


Not sure if you took notice of this, but do you happen to know the debuff(s) that the dark knight can put on enemies? I know they have a move that "weakens" enemies but I was wondering if you had more specifics.

Reprisal is a 10% damage reduction debuff that can only be used after a parry. Dark Mind lasts 10 seconds and "lowers magic vulnerability reduction to 30 percent" (bizarre wording). I didn't find any other major debuffs, as most of the skills activate mitigation or restore mana.


Question #5 by SilentLettersSuck


Also, was the stun on or off GCD?

The Dark Knight's Low Blow stun is off GCD.


Question #6 by orangemarmaladeftw


Do you know how the Mch debuffs work? Like the phys and magical dmg reduction ones?

Rend Mind hits the enemy with a 5% less damage dealt for 10 seconds debuff. It shares a recast with Dismantle.


Question #7 by Mockbuster


Could you find out what kinda potencies are on Astrologian regen moves? I'm mostly curious because attaching Regen until C1/C2 sounds so weird. The shield too would be nice.

Benefict is a 15 second HoT with 380 potency. Helios heals both you and your target for 290 potency.


Question #8 by hito-intus


The AOE lightning turret…. is it a PBAOE pulse around itself? or does it splash AOE on its target, like… chucking explosive lightning bombs, or something?

The Machinist's Bishop turret (AoE) pulsates around itself. You place it on the ground at a spot of your choosing (provided it's within range). Neither turret moves.

Question #9 by Vanriel


I was under the impression that Scholar was the healing class that relied on DoTs for damage?

The Astrologian is limited offensively, and two of its primary damage dealers (Combust and Combust 2) are DoTs.


Question #10 by therealkami


What was the cooldown on Sheltron?

The Paladin's Sheltron is a 30 second cooldown that blocks the next physical attack.


Question #11 by Drazzan


I'm unsure if it's been asked here, or if you've provided the answer, but did you fight any open-world monsters? Yoshida said that they will be much more challenging and an equal level monster will give adequate challenge, is that the case?

I battled a variety of mobs ranged from level 50 to 56 as a level 60 of each job in full endgame gear. They were certainly more difficult than what I was used to with A Realm Reborn. Astrologian was the only job that I truly struggled to compete with these mobs, though.


Question #12 by dijital


Did you mess with NIN at all? People are REALLY curious about their new positionals.

The only positional I found was a change to Aeolian Edge. It will now have a 240 base potency that increases to 320 when at the rear of the target.

Random Fact #1

The Dragoon's Fang and Claw has a 100 potency, but it's 290 from the rear of a target.


Random Fact #2

The Astrologian's Combust DoT deals 40 potency over 18 seconds.


Random Fact #3

The Monk's Tornado Kick has a cooldown of 60 seconds. It hits for 330 potency and drops all stacks of Greased Lightning.


Random Fact #4

Astrologian's Nocturnal and Dirunal Sect only appear to affect spells with the name "Aspected" in front of them. For example, there's a Helios and an Aspected Helios. Aspected Helios will either have a bonus shield or regen depending on which Sect you're in.


Random Fact #5

The Dragoon's Geirskogul is a 200 potency frontal cone AoE.


Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and left feedback. A special thanks to the FFXIV sub-Reddit for providing great discussion and questions. I had a ton of fun playing FFXIV: Heavensward, and can't wait for Early Access this Friday.

One last note. I managed to grab two of the E3 2015 exclusive Heavensward prints while at the show (you can see one here). I will be posting a giveaway tomorrow where you can enter for a chance to win one. Meanwhile, feel free to shoot over any questions you might have about FFXIV or Heavensward in the comments below.