Rumor: Final Fantasy and Pokemon musou games will be announced at E3 2021

E3 2021 will kick off next month, though rumors are already circulating with regards to a couple of potential announcements. It looks like Final Fantasy and Pokemon could be the next in a line of popular franchises to receive musou spin-offs. These leaks come courtesy of a source with a proven track record, plus have some anecdotal support.

Pokemon and Final Fantasy musou games are coming, rumors suggest

Final Fantasy and Pokemon musou rumors

According to @CrazyLeaksTrain, Pokemon and Final Fantasy musou games will be unveiled during E3 2021. Previously, the account has correctly leaked information on Kingdom Hearts 3, Nioh 2, and numerous other games.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is a Square Enix game, and the Japanese publisher also owns the Final Fantasy license. With a proven track record where the company is concerned, this uncited rumor could hold water. Additionally, Square Enix has seen success collaborating with Koei Tecmo on its Dragon Quest musou series. As such, adapting another popular and longstanding JRPG franchise in Final Fantasy almost seems like a no-brainer.

Similarly, Nintendo already works with Koei Tecmo on the Hyrule Warriors series. As with Dragon Quest Heroes, the original Zelda musou spin-off earned itself a sequel. It’s reasonable to assume that the games perform favorably as a result, so Nintendo greenlighting an additional Pokemon musou isn’t out of the question. Once upon a time, Nintendo licensing out its IP was almost unheard of — that’s no longer the case, though.

As seen in the tweet above, @CrazyLeaksTrain also posits that Microsft will launch a set of Joy-Cons and bring Game Pass to Steam. Again, these apparent leaks aren’t totally outlandish. The Xbox manufacturer and Nintendo have shown willingness to collaborate, while head honcho Phil Spencer is also keen to push deeper into the PC marketplace.

Stay tuned to GameRevoultion for updates on the potential Pokemon and FF musou game reveals.

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