FFXIV free trial raises level cap, gives owners free upgrades

Free trials for MMOs can give you a taste of the action, but sometimes they don’t quite show everything there is to see in a game. That’s probably why the FFXIV free trial is finally getting an upgrade, raising the level cap, adding Heavensward content, and giving current Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition and A Realm Reborn owners the same upgrades.

Previously, the free trial for Final Fantasy XIV was pretty generous; it let you explore a fair amount of the game and had no time limit. Instead, it capped your Level to 35 and limited some functionality like chat and trading. That’s all about to change.

How is the FFXIV free trial being expanded?

  • Level cap raised to 60
  • Heavensward (through Patch 3.56)
  • Dark Knight/Astrologian/Machinist
  • Au Ra

Additionally, current owners of A Realm Reborn and the Starter Edition will receive the same upgrades in the above list.

There’s never been a better time to get into Square Enix’s premier MMO! You can sign up for the FFXIV free trial on the game’s official website and check it out for yourself. The new upgrades will arrive on August 11, 2020, as part of the Patch 5.3 update.