Control PS5 won’t transfer PS4 saves without Ultimate Edition

More bad news has been revealed about the Control PS5 situation. Players who currently own the original Control PS4 edition reportedly cannot transfer their saves to the PS5 version of the game — instead, they’ll have to buy Control Ultimate Edition for the PS4.

Earlier this year, 505 games announced Control PS5 and Xbox Series X edition. Unfortunately, this came with some bad news — players on the PS4 standard edition would not be able to upgrade to the PS5 version without purchasing Control Ultimate Edition. Now, one player has reported that original PS4 owners won’t be able to transfer their saves to the PS5 without buying the Ultimate Edition, either.

The Control PS5 situation keeps getting worse

Control PS5 Ultimate Edition PS4 save transfer office

Since 505 Games has already said that PS4 players can’t upgrade to the PS5 without buying Ultimate Edition, one player had a thought: what about his current PS4 save game? He decided to reach out to 505 Games and ask. The answer he received was, in his own words, “silly and unusual.”

“Unfortunately, save-data from the base PS4 game isn’t compatible with the PS5 Ultimate Edition,” read the reported e-mail response to his question from 505 Games.

“The PS4 base game saves are compatible with the PS4 Ultimate Edition, however,” the e-mail continued. “Additionally, the PS4 Ultimate Edition is eligible for the free PS5 upgrade, in which the save data will be compatible.”

The reveal of this e-mail on Reddit detailed the process that players would have to go through to transfer Control PS4 saves to the PS5:

  1. Purchase Control Ultimate Edition on the PS4.
  2. Transfer your Control Standard Edition PS4 save to Control Ultimate Edition.
  3. Transfer your PS4 Control Ultimate Edition save to the PS5.

This new information on porting saves to the Control PS5 edition has been understandably unpopular; many of the 200+ comments on the Reddit discussion are expressing a mix of anger, disappointment, and confusion. The confusion, in particular, relates to the Xbox Series X version of the game — will Xbox One players have to purchase the Ultimate Edition as well? More information will likely be revealed as we get closer to the Control PS5 and Xbox Series X release date sometime in early 2021.