Best of 2015 Awards: Best Developer


Winner: CD Projekt RED

Games are no longer about its release or even its debut week or month, despite what marketing data might tell you. They are just as much about lifecycles, the support it receives through patches, additional content, and community outreach. This is all at the hands of the publisher, and CD Projekt RED is among the best of the lot.

CD Projekt RED seems to be one of the spare few developers that thoroughly understand our grievances when it comes to the nickel-and-dime death procession that comes with triple-A titles today with season passes and all manner of microtransactions. CD Projekt RED decided to go with the side of gamers by releasing a cavalcade of free content, finishing off with the addition of new game plus. It has also ensured that when it comes out with paid& DLC like Hearts of Stone, that it’s worth the price of admission. If it’s any indication, Cyberpunk 2277 is in perfect hands.

Nominees: Crystal Dynamics, Dontnod, Kojima Productions, FromSoftware

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