Here’s How The FFVII Remake Could Be Perfect

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Let’s fantasize about fantasy for a minute: what’s the perfect balance? How would the Final Fantasy VII Remake play out, in a perfect world? The story, the battles, the interface, the world map, the music… what should become of all these things, in a perfect remake?

Here's what we talked about:

00:00 – Final Fantasy VII

02:41 – Why can’t everyone just think like me?

04:02 – Different ways of taking the word “Remake”

06:20 – Battle System, materia, and waiting your turn

25:25 – Art, graphics, beauty

29:53 – Midgar

33:16 – A powerful moment early on

37:00 – World maps

41:28 – Gameplay balance

46:49 – Story

49:46 – The part of FF7‘s story everyone overlooks

56:52 – Scenes we need in HD

63:05 – Music

67:46 – Other aspects: Change or don’t change?

70:05 – Memorable moments we can’t wait to see again

Now that you’ve cheated and heard the total best answers, what’s the perfect version of Final Fantasy VII you’ve got dancing around in your head?

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