Dead Rising 4’s “True Ending” Is Locked Behind Paid DLC, Regular Ending Is a Cliffhanger

We're currently in the middle of reviewing Dead Rising 4. While it's going well, there's one thing that's come to our attention that we're very concerned about and want to mention.

Dead Rising 4 has multiple endings to work toward. Only one of these is the "True Ending", though. The problem is that unlike most games, you can't just complete the experience and see this preferred outcome. Instead, you are required to purchase the already available Frank Rising DLC.

Frank Rising is a DLC package that has been made for those who desire an Overtime Mode, a mainstay in the series that presents a significantly more difficult way to enjoy the game with strict time restrictions and increased difficulty. It also comes with a distinct ending that will be highly desirable for anyone who enjoys the story in Dead Rising 4.

You might be wondering how we know that this is the True Ending. Put simply, the standard ending is a cliffhanger, as seen here [SPOILERS]. Conveniently enough, the official description for Frank Rising describes exactly what was missing from the regular ending. It reads:


Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising: In this DLC, Frank West is freshly infected and needs to find a cure before he becomes a zombie and is lost forever. While searching for a cure, Frank discovers that everything is not the same as it was; zombies are getting smarter, people cannot be trusted and paramilitary forces are plotting to wipe out Willamette. Frank has a limited time before he reverts to the full zombie state and the city is wiped out. Frank will have to get to the truth first… or die trying.

Clever but anti-consumer DLC concepts such as this have become increasingly prevalent in the gaming industry as publishers have had the idea of maximizing profits forced into their consciousness. It all started with on-disc DLC that made consumers pay extra for something they technically already owned, which interestingly enough was pioneered by Capcom. Now we're seeing a wide range of tactics that put money first, and consumers second.

If you're as upset as we are, be sure to send some fan mail to Capcom here.