Linux Release Of Civilization VI Comes With A Few Caveats

Linux gamers got some great news this morning when Civilization VI finally debuted on the Penguin-loving platform. But, as the day progresses, those same gamers are finding out more and more that has made some regret their purchase.

First off, though, Civilization VI is on a 20% discount coinciding with the Linux release, making its sale price at $47.99 on Steam. You can also buy the Deluxe Edition of Civilization VI at a 25% discount, making it the same price as the full-price base game ($59.99). The deluxe edition will net you the full game, the soundtrack and all four DLC packs (two of which have already released).

But, as Linux gamers are finding out, two main features are missing from the Linux release.

1. No AMD/Intel Support

As of right now the only graphics cards supported by Civilization VI on Linux are NVIDIA. If you're running an AMD card or Intel card, you're out of luck for the moment, and maybe longer. No one from Aspyr Media (the developer tasked with porting the game to other platforms) has given a timeline as to when or if this will be available to other cards.

2. No Cross-Platform Play (Yet)

Civilization VI is available on Steam with Windows, Mac and Linux support, but only Linux and Mac players can play together. Playing with Windows players cross-platform simply doesn't work. Fortunately, an Aspyr Media representative did confirm via Reddit that this will happen, but they don't have a timeline for release.

If neither of these deter your purchase, great! Our review of Civilization VI was wildly positive, so we're sure you'll have a good time. Just be aware of these two limitations.