New Civilization 6 expansion hinted at by Firaxis

With the release of Civilization 6‘s second expansion earlier this year, series fans have been wondering if the game would not be getting another expansion. Its predecessors also received only two expansions, after all. However, a new survey from Firaxies hints that a new Civilization 6 expansion may be possible.

The survey, which Firaxis sent out to fans though email before eventually being shared on Reddit, asks fans a number of questions regarding possible future content for the game. One section of the survey presents fans with a series of three possible DLC bundles at different price points. Interestingly enough, the survey lists these as “possible combinations of Civilization-style DLC/Expansion features.”

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Aside from the Gathering Storm and Rise and Fall expansions, Firaxis also released a number of DLC packs for Civilization 6. These DLC packs all added new civilizations and scenarios to the game.

The listed bundles themselves indicate that the studio may opt to release more DLC packs like these instead of a full on expansion. So looks like Firaxis put out the survey to judge whether or not fans are open to the idea a third Civilization 6 expansion. That said, fan response on the Reddit thread to a third expansion seems to be quite positive, with some even suggesting various features and fixes that they’d like to see in it.

If the new expansion does happen, then it will be the first time a numbered Civilization game has had a third expansion. All previous numbered games in the series have only had two expansions each (though Civilization 4 did receive the Colonization spin off that was a remake of 1994’s Sid Meier’s Colonization). Of course, in this day and age of DLC and rising game development costs, Firaxis may see a third expansion for Civilization 6 as a more cost-effective option compared to a full-on sequel.