Civilization 6 Switch DLC expansions will come to the platform later this year

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 fans may finally get the game’s two expansions on the Nintendo Switch. According to official Civilization channels, the game’s developers are aiming to make the Civilization 6 Switch DLC expansions come out later this year. Specific dates were not given.

In a response today to Twitter user Shiny Eevee102, the official Sid Meier’s Civilization Twitter account confirmed that the teams at Firaxis Games and Aspyr Media are working to bring both the Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions to the Nintendo console this year.

Later, following the announcement that Rise and Fall is available today for the iOS version of the game, the Civilization account once again confirmed the Switch expansions’ planned 2019 launch.

Earlier this year, an Aspyr Media support account reportedly confirmed a Civilization 6 expansions Switch release in a Reddit comment, but then edited the comment to remove any mention of the Switch, according to several Reddit users. Today’s tweets, then, are the official confirmation of the expansions’ Switch release.

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The Civilization 6: Rise and Fall expansion introduced nine new leaders and eight civilizations to the game, along with a new city Loyalty system and a Timeline feature. The second expansion, Civilization 6: Gathering Storm, launched on PC in early 2019. It focuses on the impact of natural disasters throughout history, including those caused by global warming and climate change. The expansion adds volcanoes, floods, and a weather system (influenced by fossil fuel and CO2 levels) to the game, along with a playable Black Death scenario, a World Congress, a Diplomatic Victory win condition.

It may be a good, worthy port of an acclaimed game, but it has been five months since the second Civilization 6 expansion released on PC in February. So let’s hope the developers are able to bring the same level of polish to the Civilization 6 expansions Switch release.