Anniversary: Here’s What Stardew Valley Looked Like During Development

Today marks the one-year anniversary for Stardew Valley. A year ago it debuted to relative anonymity, but grow a reputation quickly with those who purchased it, resulting in its number one ranking on Steam's top seller list.

Today, it stands as one of the most successful indie titles of all time, with more than two million copies sold across multiple platforms. Its single developer, ConcernedApe, is estimated to have made over $30 million from the release.

In celebration of the occasion, ConcernedApe has shared information regarding Stardew Valley's development. Although the full post with explanations can be found here, below you will find screenshots of the game pre-release. You'll notice that the game looked very similar to its final form early on, but with a lack of polish and attention to detail that would eventually make the game appear much more beautiful.