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Article:Tell GR: What's Your Favorite Video Game Soundtrack?

Comment: This reminds me of the first time I commented here on GR so it's Hotline Miami as usual. As for the others on my list.

Red Alert 2 Hell March and Grinder.

Vampire the Masquerade

The Witcher 3

Half Life 1+2

Unreal Tournament 3

Need for speed 2-4

Mass Effect

Dragon Age Origins

Deus Ex

Hitman Contracts+Ave Maria from Blood Money


Article: Tell GR: What's Your Favorite Video Game Soundtrack?

Comment: ​I love video game music. I guess because I play a lot of video games, rather than watching TV shows and such, I really prefer the music of video games.

I've got a long list.

Most Final Fantasy games have excellent soundtracks. I really liked the soundtrack of XV.

Secret of Mana has a terrific soundtrack which is so memorable to me, even to this day. I can remember so much of that game's music.

Loved the music of the Mass Effect trilogy, especially Mass Effect 2's "Suicide Mission".

Super Mario Galaxy had a terrific soundtrack, the kind of soundtrack which Skyward Sword should have had (orchestral quality).

The most recent DOOM title had a wicked soundtrack. Rip and Tear.

The Dark Souls trilogy, especially Dark Souls III. Man, that title screen theme, though.

The original Deus Ex had a great soundtrack, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution had an awesome main theme.

The main theme for Skyrim was boss too.


Article: Nintendo Switch Has Sold 1.5m Worldwide, Zelda Has An 89% Attach Rate

Comment: In reply to Jrodsmrs51 saying, "What are 11% of Switch owners doing with it?, he said:

Scalping them.


Article: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Targets Remaster Magic At Just The Right Time​

Comment: ​For some reason, FF12 has always just *worked* for me. I'm not sure why. The story and characters are eminently forgettable, and that's usually enough to leave me incredibly bored with a game. But I still find FF12 tons of fun. Hunting monsters and treasure and opening up new areas is just so enjoyable. And it's even better in the international version, which I've been playing with the English patch for years now.

I really really *REALLY* hope this update doesn't change everything that's awesome about the international version. Apparently, they've already made a pretty big behind-the-scenes gameplay change (in the PS2 version, only one spell could go off at a time, so they queued up in the order they were cast; now they can all go off at once, so no waiting). And while that change is a good one, it has me concerned they might make a lot of much less welcome changes.​


Article: Rocket League Has Sold As Many Copies As Final Fantasy VII

Comment: ​And yet you still have those jackasses who always try for aerials. I should know; I always try for aerials.​


Article: What Kind Of Coverage Would You Like To See More Of On GameRevolution?

Comment: ​I'm happy GR staying as a more traditional (console/PC/handheld/VR/AR) games outlet. Please don't dilute manpower to cover freemium mobile/smart-device games! Interviews are great, and of course isolated cases of other media are interesting, as long as they stemmed from videogames. Not really feeling the "Top #" list-type articles. Community stuff like TPS and VoxPop is probably not part of the roadmap any more…


Article: A Month Later, For Honor Still Has Concerning Issues​

Comment: ​I agree with everything you said.

The core gameplay is so good it has become one of my favourite multiplayer experiences ever, but there are definitely changes that need to be made and things added in the future. Revenge from injury needs to be removed and revenge modified in general, more game modes need to be added, more maps, 4 v 4 games with the option of having equipment disabled, among others.

Most egregious are the connection issues though. I will sometimes drop 5 games of dominion in a row, and not only do you lose all xp and steel when you drop, but Ubisoft is eventually going to institute a penalty for leaving early.

Ubisoft is absolutely bungling their new IP. Good job guys.


Article: Mario Kart 8’s New Battle Mode Is the Most Fun I Had At PAX This Year

Comment: ​Hi! Im Stephanie Kelly , and the New battle mode is was nice, but Since this is my First time here One day I'll have to properly play through this series and see what it's all about..


Article: NieR: Automata Somehow Keeps Getting Better The More I Play It​

Comment: I tried reading up on previous Nier and Drakengard, even tried watching half-hour youtube videos of it but it was a mess that barely made any sense. That is until I found an article that says exactly why Nier was awesome. That not only got me hooked, it pulled me right into getting Nier: Automata. Now I'm just wondering if I'll be the same person anymore once I complete it. 😀


Article: The GTX 1080 Ti Is Exactly What Everyone Expected, A 4K 60FPS Capable Monster

Comment: I'm sure anyone who decided to skip the 1080 and buy a 1080Ti will be happy, but frankly, I'd much rather buy the Pascal TITAN X…if I actually needed it.

the last generation Titan X that I have is more-than-capable of running anything ont he entire market in 4K.

What's sad is that to prevent these LOSER POOR PEOPLE from buying them and returning them when the 980ti was released, they made the Titans special order only.

see what happen was these POOR PEOPLE bought Titans, played with them and then returned them for refund to get the cheaper 980ti.

If it was up to me they wouldn't have gotten a single dime back or paid a 40% restocking fee.