If You Can Find The Yeti In Ghost Recon Wildlands, You’ll Be Internet Famous (Though It Might Not Exist)

Something is going on in Inca Camina, the mountain province of Ghost Recon Wildlands. No one is quite sure what, nor do they know how to find it, but we're all pretty sure its a Yeti.

I'm not usually one to get caught up in elaborate video game conspiracy theories, especially because so many of them can turn out to be elaborate hoaxes (much like the actual Yeti/Sasquach/Bigfoot, according to many). But at least one yet unexplained aspect of Wildlands makes me think there's something to this Yeti claim. Plus, we all know Ubisoft loves Yetis.

Why Do People Think There Is A Yeti?

That's a complicated question, but it probably boils down to the mere fact that there is a Yeti Hunter outfit you can buy in the Uplay store. That isn't everything that points to a potential Yeti sighting in the mountains of Boliva, but it is certainly what put the idea of Yeti in gamers' heads.

Add the fact that Wildlands features a vast snowy mountain region that can't possibly be explored fully and with any expediency, and you've certainly stoked the fires of conspiracy Easter Eggs. Especially since, in that region, weird shit happens, like this scene below:

A completely charred body next to a tent in a snowy region with a barking dog next to it? Certainly the work of the cartel, yes? Only there is no cartel in sight. In fact, you'll see scatterings of half-buried bodies all throughout this region, sometimes next to tents or vehicles, and other times civilians will be actively attempting to bury them (or dig them up), and, again. No cartel.

That's All You Got?

Not even close. Even will all that weird stuff going on, there isn't anything necessarily amiss. But then, there's this weird Easter Egg that has yet to be explained. Basically, there are eight statues scattered throughout Wildlands, each the size of a large bird. Are they target practice? Well they can't be shot, so probably not. In fact, all you can do is take them. But they don't show up in your inventory?

Where do they go? Turns out, they reappear on at outdoor shrine of sorts in you'll never guess which snowy mountain region: Inca Camina. After that, though … no one knows. Once you find all eight, the only thing that changes is that civilians will show up at the shrine, some of whom will be praying.

But otherwise, no Yeti to be seen. Yet … i.

I want to give this a shot. Where do I find those statues?

We'll have a guide up shortly in our FAQs section. Once you do find all statues, be sure to let us know if you find a Yeti that goes along with it, because no one else has.