Tell GR: What Was Your First Online Multiplayer Game?

During this last weekend Blizzard made the surprise announcement that it'll be releasing a StarCraft: Remastered this Summer. Featuring HD resolution support, a new camera zoom, stylized briefings, and amped audio, it includes some neat perks over the original game while retaining what made it so special—the gameplay won't be tampered with. It goes without saying that nostalgia has been summoned for a lot of gamers who grew up in the 90's.

In fact, StarCraft was my very first online multiplayer experience. In 1998, before heading into for my first time, my idea of what a video game could be was very limited in scope. I would soon learn what it's like to use a chat room, compete online for rankings, and even craft and play custom levels.

When I look back I attribute StarCraft to getting me started with PC gaming, even though I wouldn't fall deeply into it until Counter-Strike came out a couple years later. You could say I'm excited to play this remaster, even if just to hear all the awesome unit quotes from back in the day while playing a 7v1 comp stomp on Big Game Hunters.

What about you? What was your first online multiplayer game? Let us know in the comments below.

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