The Making of Resident Evil 7: The Development Team Had To Go To Haunted Houses In Osaka

If you were mad at the developers of Resident Evil 7 for scaring the pants off of you on more than one occasion, don't worry; they got what was coming to them long before RE7 ever hit the shelves.

In part two of Resident Evil 7's "Making of" series (the video above, which does contain SPOILERS), game director Koshi Nakanishi revealed that he put his team through some horrifying experiences to help them capture the right mood.

"Osaka has quite a few famous haunted places, so we took a camera and checked them out," Nakanishi said in the video. "In Japanese, we call it 'kimodameshi': a test of courage.

"I wanted the team to think about how to make people feel the same way."

In these moments, they had their team film with a GoPro, which served as the inspiration for the Found Footage segments in Resident Evil 7. People would be scared of their own shadow or hear another team member make a noise by accident.

Also revealed in this episode is the character inspiration for Jack Baker. We've all brought up Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but another horror movie influence apparently used is that of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.

Scenario Director Morimasa Sato revealed that he chose the name "Jack" based on Jack Torrance .

"We created Jack not just to be a monster," Sato said. "He's tough and he relentlessly pursues the player. We could finally create an enemy with both human and monstrous sides."