Mysterious figure in Resident Evil Village’s post-credits scene revealed

After finally defeating Mother Miranda in the new Resident Evil game, players need to make sure they stick around for the Resident Evil Village post-credits scene.

Set years after the events of Resident Evil 8, it shows the aftermath of the finale and some major hints as to what could happen in Resident Evil 9. However, fans have wondered who that mysterious figure on the hill was in the game’s final shot. Now, thanks to an advanced RE Village photo mode mod, the secret has finally been revealed.

Spoilers for Resident Evil Village follow!

Who is the figure on the hill in the Resident Evil Village post-credits scene?

Resident Evil Village Post-Credits Scene

Thanks to the advanced Photo Mode mod created by Otis_Inf on Patreon, players can now move the camera right up to the figure on the hill, revealing him to be none other than Ethan Winters. The climactic events of Resident Evil Village clearly showed that the protagonist of Resident Evil 7 and Village died after fighting Miranda, as he succumbed to the Mold and blew himself up. Somehow though, he apparently returns.

This reveal is made even more complicated by the fact that the post-credits scene is all about Ethan’s grown-up daughter Rose visiting her father’s grave, apparently only to meet what appears to be Ethan himself just down the road. While the Megamycete is shown to have resurrection properties, Ethan blew himself up destroying it, which should have put paid to that. Furthermore, immediately after this scene the phrase “the father’s story is now done” appears on the screen, so even if Ethan somehow returns, he may not be the star of the next game.

There are a lot of questions Capcom has to answer in Resident Evil 9, not to mention Chris Redfield having to deal with the BSAA using bioweapon soldiers similar to the ones in Resident Evil 6.

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