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How to play as Chris Redfield in Resident Evil Village

Ethan Winters is a relatively new character in Resident Evil lore, so for any players looking to instead play as arguably the main character in the franchise, there’s a Resident Evil Village Chris Redfield mod. Thanks to PC modders, it’s now possible to swap Ethan Winters out and play as Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 8, including during the unlockable Mercenaries game mode. Here’s how to do so.

How to install the Resident Evil Village Chris Redfield mod

Resident Evil Village Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield is now playable in Resident Evil Village thanks to the help of user ZombieAli on NexusMods along with the assistance of FluffyQuack’s excellent mod manager, which has support for Resident Evil 8.

In order to get the mod working, first head over to the ‘Chris Over Ethan’ page on NexusMods and download the latest version of the Resident Evil 8 Chris Redfield mod. There’s only one file currently available, although it should be updated soon. Next, pick up the FluffyQuack Mod Manager. Extract it, run it, choose the option for Resident Evil Village, and then drag the Chris Over Ethan mod file over to the manager’s window. It should now appear as an option on the list, which now needs to be checked. Click ‘Launch Game’ and Ethan’s character model has now been replaced with Chris Redfield’s.

At the moment, however, it should be mentioned that there’s currently a bug where the left hand disappears after the werewolf bites Ethan’s fingers off, although ZombieAli is currently working on a fix. The mod works perfectly in The Mercenaries mod, however.

There should also be an option for a FOV slider in FluffyQuack’s mod manager, which Capcom annoyingly didn’t include with the game. For more entertaining RE8 mods, players have already added Barney the dinosaur and Thomas the Tank Engine into the PC version, and the Fly Swatter mod is being used for all sorts of predictably naughty purposes.

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