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Resident Evil Village: How to unlock The Mercenaries

The fun doesn’t have to end after the Resident Evil Village campaign has concluded. That’s right, the fan-favorite Mercenaries mode is back in Village, ready to launch waves of foes at trigger-happy players. The only catch is that you’ll have to prove yourself in the main story before you can unlock The Mercenaries.

How to unlock The Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village

How to unlock The Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village

In order to unlock The Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village, you have to beat the main campaign at least once. Doing so will unlock the Extra Content Shop, where the Mercenaries mode can be unlocked by spending 10 CP.

You may be disappointed to learn that you must beat Resident Evil Village before The Mercenaries becomes available. However, that’s not exactly unexpected. After all, the series’ tradition is to hold off on extra content until the main campaign has been completed. You wouldn’t want to go into new game plus blind, would you?

Plus, completing the base game should be enough to fine-tune your sense of Village’s gunplay. Mercenaries mode can be brutal, and you’ll want to have a mastery of each basic weapon before jumping in.

Of course, you’ll also have to pay to unlock it. Everything in the Extra Content Shop is purchased using CP, which you earn by completing different challenges. That means you’ll have to successfully complete 10 different challenges to earn the CP needed to unlock The Mercenaries. Some of these are tough, but others are easier, such as the one for beating the game at different difficulty levels. Thankfully, the rewards are tremendous: You can even get infinite ammo in the Extra Content Shop.

Once Mercenaries has been unlocked, you’ll be able to access it from Resident Evil Village’s bonus menu. It starts out simple enough: You’ll visit Duke’s shop to customize your loadout before being dropped into a match that pits you against waves of enemies. The longer you survive, the higher your score, and the better your rewards.

The Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil Village can only be unlocked after beating the main story. After that, you’ll need to purchase it from the Extra Content Shop using 10 CP. Happy hunting.