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Resident Evil Village Infinite Ammo: How to get unlimited bullets

Resident Evil 8 can be a terrifying and challenging experience. As a result, many players find it cathartic to activate cheats that tip the odds in their favor. Perhaps the ultimate way to do this is by activating unlimited ammunition. So, here’s the need-to-know on how to unlock the Resident Evil Village infinite ammo feature for several different guns.

How to get infinite ammo in RE8

Resident Evil Village how to get infinite ammo

To unlock infinite ammo in Resident Evil Village, players must complete the RE8 campaign and then purchase unlimited bullets using CP from the Extra Content Shop.

Players must purchase infinite ammo upgrades for each individual gun, rather than buying one unlock that applies to all firearms. Furthermore, infinite ammunition upgrades will only appear in the Extra Content Shop if users meet the specific prerequisites. Players must own the weapon itself, all of its customizable parts, and all of the Duke’s gunsmithy upgrades to satisfy every requirement.

With that done, players need to earn enough CP to purchase infinite ammo by completing challenges on a second (or later) playthrough. It’s possible to check the list of challenges at any time from the Resi Village pause menu.

With enough CP in the bank, simply navigate to Title Screen > Bonuses > Extra Content Shop and then select the relevant upgrade.

Can you disable infinite ammo in RE8?

Resident Evil Village disable infinite ammo

Yes, it’s possible to disable infinite ammo in Resident Evil Village from the settings menu.

If having infinite bullets makes the game too easy and saps this survival horror title of just that, players can turn unlimited ammo off.

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