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Can you change Resident Evil Village difficulty after starting?

Anyone checking out the latest Resident Evil title can expect a tough challenge, but is there a way to change Resident Evil Village difficulty settings once the game has been started? Upon starting Resident Evil 8, the player gets the option of choosing their difficulty level, including the ‘Village of Shadows’ hardest difficulty level for anyone who’s purchased the Deluxe Edition or completed the game once. But is there a way to change it during the story campaign?

How to change Resident Evil Village difficulty during the story

Resident Evil Village difficulty

The way to change the current Resident Evil Village difficulty level is by dying to any of the game’s enemies. After dying, along with an option to reload the previous checkpoint the player should also receive a pop-up message asking “would you like to change the difficulty to Casual” or an equivalent lower difficulty level to the current one. They can now choose to change Resident Evil Village’s difficulty level to make things easier.

Despite many other games offering the ability to change the difficulty during the campaign from a simple option in the menu screen, Capcom doesn’t seem to have included that option with Resident Evil Village, which is disappointing. At the moment, the only way to change difficulty is to lower it upon death, so there is no way to raise it if the player is having an easy time of things.

The Resident Evil Village demo is still available until a couple of days after release, so it may be worth checking out to see what the challenge is like before choosing a difficulty level for the main game. The vampire ladies in the game should prove a challenging encounter, at least.

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