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Does Resident Evil Village have New Game Plus?

Games tend to get more interesting as your gear improves, and this is certainly the case with Resident Evil Village. The problem is that all your weapons and equipment usually count for nothing after the credits roll. The only exception is when the game offers a new game plus mode. Does Resident Evil Village have new game plus, or this is a journey you’ll always have to start from scratch?

Does Resident Evil Village have a New Game Plus mode?

Does Resident Evil Village have a new game plus mode?

Yes, Resident Evil Village includes a new game plus mode. You’ll have the option to create a new game+ save file after you beat the main campaign. From there, you can start the story over from the beginning while keeping all of your unlocked items, weapons, and equipment.

There are a few catches, of course. When you first load your new game plus save file, you won’t have immediate access to your old inventory. You’ll have to play through the first bit of the game again before your inventory will unlock. But when it does, you’ll gain access to all of your previous weapons, healing items, and equipment.

With that said, not everything will return. Primarily, you won’t be given any key items that are required to solve puzzles or progress the story, like the Castle Dimitrescu treasure map. You’ll still need to earn those the old-fashioned way by working back through the campaign. Thankfully, new game plus does give you the opportunity to claim items you may have missed.

There’s other good news, too. When you visit Duke’s shop in your new game plus file, you’ll notice that his inventory has been updated. All weapons that you’ve unlocked will be available for purchase, and there will even be a few new items in stock. Basically anything that was available for purchase at the end of the game will be available for purchase again the first time you browse his wares.

Resident Evil Village does have a new game plus mode, just as you probably expected. You’ll need to play through new game+ for a while before your old inventory will unlock, but it won’t be long before you get all of your previous weapons and items back.