Resident Evil Village’s fly swatter lets you swat Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters

When encountering the terrifying daughters of Lady Dimitrescu and their swarms of killer flies, most players would love to swap their knife for a can of Raid or a Resident Evil Village fly swatter. Now, thanks to the inventiveness of PC modders, that dream is a reality. The Resident Evil 8 fly swatter mod swaps Ethan’s knife for a handy bug slapper, in three different colors no less. Here’s how to get it.

How to install the Resident Evil Village fly swatter PC mod

Resident Evil Village fly swatter

The fly swatter can be installed in Resident Evil Village quite painlessly with the help of NexusMods and the latest version of FluffyQuack’s excellent mod manager, which has support for RE8.

The mod was created by users EvilLord and CrazyPotato, and in order to get it first head over to their page on NexusMods and download the latest version of the Resident Evil 8 fly swatter mod. There’s only one file currently available so it shouldn’t be confusing. Next, pick up the FluffyQuack Mod Manager. Extract it, run it, choose the option for Resident Evil Village, and then drag the zipped fly swatter mod file over to the manager’s window. It should pop up as an option, which should be checked. Click ‘Launch Game’ and the knife should now be a fly swatter.

You can see the fly swatter in action below:

There should also be an option for a FOV slider in FluffyQuack’s mod manager, which Capcom annoyingly didn’t include with the game. For more entertaining RE8 mods, players have already added Barney the dinosaur and Thomas the Tank Engine into the PC version, which are probably scarier than the things they’re replacing.

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