Bayonetta On PC Is A Great Value Proposition, Bulletstorm Isn’t

Bayonetta's release on PC today came as a big surprise for a number of reasons. Not only did it not have a pre-release announcement, but it was a great product.

When playing Bayonetta on PC you get the best possible experience of one of the greatest hack-and-slash titles of our time. 60 FPS was to be expected, but 4K resolution support among an array of notable graphics options wasn't.

But the real story here is the pricing. Bayonetta has launched with an MSRP of $19.99. If you buy during the next couple weeks (not a pre-order), you also receive a few digital goodies including a soundtrack.

The value proposition here is particularly worth noting when compared to other recent releases, particularly last week's Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Formatted as an updated release of a six year old title, it costs $49.99. That's more than twice the price of Bayonetta 2, which is technically an even older title (7 years).

You could argue that Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition's pricing strategy was limited by its multiplatform release, but the point remains that the value proposition simply isn't comparable.

The results aren't surprising. While Bayonetta is currently the top selling title on Steam, ​Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition hasn't even cracked the top 50. It might not be making as much money per sale, but you can bet it's selling more than two to three times the volume (we'll have data soon).

Interestingly enough, there are reports that state Gearbox screwed over SEGA when it came to the development and release of Aliens: Colonial Marines. SEGA executives were very unhappy with what transpired. They would later file a lawsuit against the company.

It's almost like SEGA is trying to tell us something: if you take care of gamers, they'll take care of you.