Atlus announces surprise Persona 4 PC release on Steam

In a surprise announcement, Persona 4 Golden released on PC today via Steam. P4G released on the PS Vita in 2012 and was an expanded port of the original Persona 4, which debuted on the PS2 in 2008. This release also marks the first time Persona 4 Golden is available on a non-handheld platform (unless you count the PlayStation TV).

As with any popular RPG, as time goes on, it’s getting harder to find both Persona 4 and the hardware to play it at a reasonable price. Fortunately, Atlus has priced the PC release of P4G to move. The standard edition (game only) is only $19.99, and the deluxe edition with a digital soundtrack and art book is $5 more. Considering that Persona 4 Golden regularly goes for $40-50 for the cartridge only and $60-80 for a complete copy on eBay, the price on Steam is a steal.

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While the content itself is a mostly straight port, no new DLC has been added; the game has been tailored towards PC players. There’s full support for mouse and keyboard as well as controller support. The game also supports modern resolutions at a 16:9 ratio and features an uncapped framerate.

Sega has added achievements and Steam trading cards for P4G‘s PC release, and the Vox Populi feature seen in Persona 5 Royale is available as well. Vox Populi gives you a chance to see what activities other players chose each day, and helps provide new players a good sense of direction.

Sega/Atlus PR gave me a chance to play the game ahead of the announcement. Considering the Vita’s display resolution was 960 x 544, I wasn’t expecting miracles, but I came away impressed. The cutscenes have been upscaled and look great, even at 4K. The in-game textures have also been upscaled, and the text boxes and portraits seem like they’ve been redone entirely.

Persona 4 Golden on PC is now the definitive way to experience this fantastic RPG. Here’s hoping we’ll see more of the series appear on Steam soon.