Disgaea 5 Is The First Nintendo Switch Game To Have PS4 Trophies, With Notifications And All

It’s strange that here we are two months after the launch of the Nintendo Switch, and we still have yet to gain word on the state of its online infrastructure. Many fans are clamoring for things like integrated messages, chat, Virtual Console, and of course, trophies/achievements. PlayStation has its trophy system, while Xbox has achievements. Even PC gamers can appreciate the joy of a message popping up every time they unlock an achievement on Steam.

It’s a surprise then that Nintendo, a company that has dipped its toe in trophy-like systems in games such as the stamps on Wii U, has yet to grace its latest hardware with its own unique take on the feature. As we sit here and wait for possible info as E3 and the official launch of the online services this fall inch closer and closer each day, Nippon Ichi Software (you might know them as NIS America here) has taken it upon itself to unleash its own trophies for the upcoming Switch title Disgaea 5 Complete.

For those that don’t know, Disgaea 5 already released on the PS4 back in October of 2015, along with the typical trophies that you would expect on a PlayStation platform. However, it was much to our surprise to find that those same trophies have been ported over to the Switch version of the game in their entirety. As bizarre as it sounds (and is), it’s true that Disgaea 5 Complete is the first Switch game to feature an in-game trophy system.

Upon unlocking a trophy-in this case jumping 1,000 times in your base-you will receive a pop-up in the upper-left corner of your screen complete with the same wording and everything as if you were playing on PS4. We encountered this twice already in just a short time of playing the game. You might think this was some bug or glitch, but it seems less likely considering there is an NPC in the hub area that takes care of compiling all the trophies in the game.

There are many possibilities for why this exists in the game, such as removing it would cause too many problems, etc. Even stranger is the fact that Nintendo let it pass through certification as is. Regardless, every trophy is here with their ratings of bronze, silver, gold, and the coveted platinum carried over intact from their PS4 counterparts. This could potentially open up the gate for other developers to release ports of games with their own trophies, despite the lack of universal support across the Switch.

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Below you’ll find the full list of trophies available courtesy of GameFAQ’s. There is a 51 trophy total consisting of 38 bronze, 10 silver, two gold, and one platinum.

  • Vengeance Complete- Obtain all other trophies. Platinum
  • The First Alliance (secret)- Clear Ep. 1: Prelude to Vengeance. The story of rebellion starts now! Bronze
  • Founding an Army (secret)- Clear Ep. 2: Demon General. Madam Seraphina, hooray! Bronze
  • Some Kind of Gale (secret)- Clear Ep. 3: His Name is Zeroken. A silver white shadow that creates a storm… Bronze
  • A Taste of Curry to Come (secret)- Clear Ep. 4: Yellow, Rabbit, and Curry. I want curry, I want curry, I want curry, I want curry…Bronze
  • Fight in the Frozen Wasteland (secret)- Clear Ep. 5: The One Who Controls Death. Kill and Recycle! Bronze
  • Bloodis' Big Secret (secret)-Clear Ep. 6: The Sixth Warrior. Dance of the Bristle Grass! Bronze
  • Practice Makes…? (secret)- Clear Ep. 7: Past Struggles Part 1. Bro! Bronze
  • The Heart of an Innocent (secret)- Clear Ep. 8: Past Struggles Part 2. Master!!! Bronze
  • The Supreme One Throws Down (secret)- Clear Ep. 9: The New Power. Guuurrryaaahhh!!! Bronze
  • Our Daughter Is in Another Castle (secret)- Clear Ep. 10: The Memorable Special Sweet Curry. Our…beloved daughter… Bronze
  • Disaster Averted (secret)- Clear Ep. 11: Netherworld Extinction. They are all irreplaceable. Bronze
  • Among the Flowers (secret)- Clear Ep. 12: Unbridled Killia. The one who leaves destruction in his wake. Bronze
  • One is Better Than Two (secret)- Clear Ep. 13: The Two Killias. …Yeah, farewell. Bronze
  • You're Gorgeous (secret)- Clear Ep. 14: Seraphina's Secret. A girl in love is invincible!!! Bronze
  • The Ultimate Skill (secret)- Clear Ep. 15: The Ultimate Skill. Excellent… Bronze
  • Crisis Averted (secret)- Clear Final Ep.: Dedicated to the Precious People. I'll save her, no matter what! Bronze
  • A legend in this hand (secret)- Obtain the legendary weapon in the Item World. Silver
  • A Minor Set Back- Get a Game Over. Bronze
  • Aren't You Tired of It…?- Eat curry for 100 days straight. Bronze
  • Bonus Master- Get 50 One Time Bonuses. Silver
  • Capture Master- Capture 100 prisoners. Bronze
  • Class Master- Unlock all character classes. Silver
  • Damage-oholic- Deal over 10,000,000,000 damage. Gold
  • Demon Quest Complete 20 quests. Bronze
  • Dimensional Devastation (secret)- Conquest the Carnage Dimension. (Defeat Carnage Dark) Gold
  • Geo Master- Nullify all Geo Panels with a Geo Chain of 5 or more. Bronze
  • Gimme a Trophy!- Pass a bill that gives you a trophy. Bronze
  • Gooooooaaaaaallllll!- Reach the goal in the Chara World. Bronze
  • Greater Netherworld- Achieve a population of 100 in the pocket Netherworld. Bronze
  • I Love Board Game Night!- Reach the goal in the Chara World on Super Overlord difficulty. Silver
  • I've Got a Netherworld in My Pocket- Call your Netherworld for the first time. Bronze
  • Item Polisher- Max out an item's level. Silver
  • Love With an Iron Fist- Hit allies inside the base 100 times. Bronze
  • Making It Rain- Pass a bill by paying up 100,000,000 HL. Bronze
  • Netherworld Night Live- Watch 20 skits. Bronze
  • Netherworld Solutions- Force the Dark Assembly to approve a bill. Bronze
  • Netherworld War Victory!- Repel a Netherworld in the Item World. Bronze
  • One Percenter- Obtain more than 10,000,000,000 HL. Silver
  • Plip! Plip!- Jump 1,000 times at the base. Bronze
  • Seasoned Rocket Rider- Discover 100 Netherworlds. Bronze
  • Switching to Overload!- Use an Overload skill for the first time. Bronze
  • Take a Chill Pill- Activate Revenge Mode 100 times. Bronze
  • The Water Feels Nice- Experience the effects of the hot springs in an Item World Mystery Room. Bronze
  • This Belongs in a Museum (secret)- Obtain an epic item. Silver
  • This Calls For Teamwork- Perform a Team Attack for the first time. Bronze
  • To Carnfinity and Beyond (secret)- Enter the Carnage Dimension. Silver
  • Unlosing Ranger Status (secret)- Defeat Proto Darkdeath in the Item World. Silver
  • We Have a Winner!- Completely fill the Bonus Gauge. Bronze
  • Where the Levels End- Level up to Lv 9999. Silver
  • Would You Like the Combo?- Perform 20 combos. Bronze

What do you think of this interesting feature for Disgaea 5 Complete? Should other games allow their own trophies or do you think the Nintendo needs to implement its own dedicated trophy-like feature on the Switch? Let us know in the comments below.