The People Speak: Valve Pours Out a Fine, PUBG Goes Gold (or at Least Brass), and Catherine Gets a Makeover

The big news for this week was the release of PUBG version 1.0, which we noted in our review was more copper than gold. The game still has a long way to go (especially on Xbox), but some of the new additions, like the replay system, are very impressive.

Nintendo unsurprisingly is doing very well this year. Super Mario Odyssey is the fastest-selling 3D Mario ever in Japan. High software and hardware sales this year has pushed Nintendo stock the highest its been since 2008. My love for Nintendo is fueled by 100% uncut nostalgia, but I’m not afraid to embrace it. I hope the Big N continues to do well, we all benefit as a result.

A remaster of Catherine, the puzzle-platformer from Atlus, was announced and will contain some additional new content. I think Shigenori Soejima’s work is the epitome of stylish, and Catherine has really engaging gameplay and an interesting story, so I’m thrilled to get a chance to play it on modern consoles.

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We also previewed a new Zelda-like from Mexican game studio Lienzo. Mulaka adapts Tarahumara culture and folklore to tell the story of Sukuruame, a shaman, You have to fight back the evil that’s corrupting the land with the powers of the demigods, which allow you to transform into several types of beasts. I personally couldn’t tell you off the top of my head any video games coming out of Mexico right now, but after the success of CDPR with their adaptation of Polish folklore with The Witcher, I’m excited to see what Lienzo will come up with.

Valve was in the news this week for failing to refund Australian customers. Australian law requires that all consumer goods or services come with an automatic guarantee of acceptable quality and fit for the purpose for which they’re sold. Since Valve didn’t want to fork over the refund to its customers, it gets to pay a $3 million fine instead.

The GR community had some great (and in one case nonsensical) things to say this week. Here are some of our favorite comments:


Article: PUBG Review (PC) — PlayerUnknown’s Battleground 1.0 Feels Like Early Access 2.0

Comment: “Wait, an Early Access game actually launched?”

Miles Saintborough

Article: PUBG’s Xbox One Success Could Spell Bad News for Console Gamers

Comment: “Welcome to PC gaming, consoles. You’ve graduated.”


Article: GR Votes: Which Game Console Gave You the Best Christmas?

Comment: “I’ll never forget getting my PS1 for Christmas. About two weeks prior I had jumped off a playground and got my foot caught in the railing which ended in two broken wrists, so I had to sit the controller on the floor and button mash the shit out of Tekken 2 ’til I healed. Good times.”

Merry Christmas everyone!


Article: Valve Forced to Pay a $3 Million Fine for “Misleading Customers”

Comment: “Volvo is an ass and we will be suing them.”


Article: Activision Highlights the Problem with Digital Gaming After Delisting a Bunch of Games

Comment: “And here, in black and white, is the main reason I prefer physical copies of games. If they’re only available digitally, then fine, I’ll suck it up and get the download. But it’s literally inevitable that digital-only games will vanish eventually. The code will be lost, or the platform will be closed down, or something along those lines. I have actually lost games in this manner before, in stark contrast to, for example, my NES carts that I still have and can play whenever I want.”