Overwatch League Day 2: Match Results, Highlights and More

Overwatch League day 2 has wrapped up, with Blizzard’s eSports event continuing to be a big hit with viewers and providing us with more exciting match-ups. Let’s take a look at all the action from Thursday’s show:


Overwatch League Day 2 Match Results

London Spitfire 3 – 1 Florida Mayhem

London Spitfire marched to victory against Florida Mayhem, with the underdogs not able to triumph against the Spitfire’s all-Korean squad. After managing to coordinate successfully in a surprising bout on Dorado, Florida was put in their place by London in the subsequent three matches in Temple of Anubis, Oasis and Numbani.


Philadelphia Fusion 3 – 2 Houston Outlaws

In a particularly exciting series, Philadelphia Fusion didn’t look like a team that had missed the pre-season with a shocking victory against the Houston Outlaws. Following a chaotic victory for Philadelphia on Dorado, Houston Outlaws held off their opponents on Horizon Lunar Colony, before Fusion marched to a decisive and swift victory on Oasis. Houston Outlaws dragged their opponents to a fifth game following a victory on Eichenwalde, but a Control Point decider on Lijiang Tower saw Philly playing to their strengths for the final victory.


Boston Uprising 1 – 3 New York Excelsior

The main event saw New York Excelsior triumph over Boston Uprising, with New York predictably overpowering their opponents on Junkertown, Ilios and Numbani. Boston managed to eke out a win on Horizon Lunar Colony after a miscommunication from New York saw them failing to get on the final point, but New York proved why they are one of the stars of the Overwatch League with a confident victory.



Overwatch League Day 2 Highlights

Pine’s McCree sees off Boston Uprising:


Coolmatt saves Jake’s bacon:


Rawkus saves the day with Sombra:


Mercy gets a triple kill:


Shadowburn deals out justice:


Fragi gets an ult… before the point has unlocked:

Image Credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment