The People Speak: Bugs, Bioware and Belgium

This week Destiny 2 Warmind was released, and the gaming world collectively sighed. Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire (review forthcoming) more than made up for the disappointment with Warmind (at least for me) and continues the CRPG renaissance we’ve been having the last few years.

On the GR side of things, we want to remind you that there’s still time to enter our Heart of the Revolution community contest. It’s been on hiatus because of our recent staff expansion and explosion of great games we’ve been covering, but with the lull, before E3 we’re bringing it back with a vengeance. Just check out this post on how to enter, and you can win some free games!

Here are some of our choice comments this week from across GameRevolution:


Article: Pokemon GO Fest Tickets Sold out After Website Problems

Comment: “Just imagine it, you’re about to book your tickets for Pokemon GO Fest”

My imagination isn’t quite that good….


Article: Belgian Gaming Commission Suggests Criminal Prosecution if Certain Loot Boxes Continue

Comment: Good Fing riddance.

If I never see a loot box again it’ll be too soon.


A grumpy old millenial.


Article: Bioware Approaches Storytelling in a Different Way for Anthem and Dragon Age

Comment: There’s always a bit of a disconnect with MMORPGs. “You are the chosen one! But see all those other people hanging around? They are also the chosen ones.” I’ve yet to see a game that actually handles that well.


Article: Anthem Is Coming March 2019, so EA Says

Comment: Well, sounds like Bioware is still kicking. Hope we get to see Dragon Age 4 someday!


Article: Players Less Concerned With Bugs Than Bad Game Design, Study Finds

Comment: Bugs and glitches are often the spice of video games. Unless they hinder my progress, I find them quite amusing.