Anthem Is Coming March 2019, so EA Says

During a financial call with analysts last night, EA’s Blake Jorgensen said that they are committed to Anthem coming out during March next year. He also said that “Anthem will be shipped in the last quarter of the year and in the last month of that quarter,” which means that, considering EA’s financial year runs from April to March, the game will be released just in time to contribute revenue to the company.

If Bioware’s schedule for their newest game goes well, then the game will be releasing around the same date as previous Mass Effect games like Mass Effect: Andromeda, which may leave some fans feeling rather bitter considering there are some that blame Andromeda’s failure on many of the Bioware developers leaving to work on Anthem.

However, fans of Bioware aren’t the only ones feeling cautious. Jorgensen said EA was “being conservative” when it comes Anthem’s potential in the upcoming year, for two, key reasons. The first is that it is a new intellectual property that could either sink or swim. The second is because Anthem debuts at the end of EA’s financial year, the company will probably have limited restocking of the game, regardless if the game is a success or not.

As for EA, they seem to be cautiously excited for the game. Jorgensen added, “it’s extremely unique, and I think players are going to really enjoy playing it, but we’re careful not to put too large of a forecast in there.” He continued, “And clearly, it will impact this year as well as next year as we not only continue to sell more into the next year but start rolling out the live services associated with that game.”

We still don’t know too much about Anthem apart from it revolving around co-op and many people online comparing it to Bungie’s Destiny 2. Still, we’re cautiously optimistic for what’s to come. Are you? Tell us what you think in the comments below.