Pokemon GO Fest Tickets Sold out After Website Problems

Just imagine it, you’re about to book your tickets for Pokemon GO Fest at 9:00 AM PST and you are pumped. You’re ready to go and dedicate yourself to catching some amazing Pokemon and nothing, we repeat nothing, will stand in your way. Only you can’t because the Pokemon GO Fest tickets sold out completely after the website ran into a series of problems.

As described by Dave Thier of Forbes, the website allowed him to get to the page where you can decide which entrance he wanted to buy tickets for. Yet he didn’t get much further than that, waiting on the page several minutes before he got locked out from the website completely. That led to Thier trying his damned hardest to get tickets on a different browser, and then using his phone. Shortly afterward, Niantic announced tickets were sold out. Thier was unable to get a ticket.

But he wasn’t the only one. A number of individuals have taken to the social media of their choice to complain about how the website and event, in general, has been managed. What’s more, it didn’t take long for upset players to discover that tickets were being sold online for a much higher price.

The asking price of these sellers are nothing short of extortionate and it’s pretty disheartening to scroll through social media to see how down legitimate players are. What’s also disturbing to consider is that some players who planned to go to the Chicago event will be walking around, having paid for a ticket that cost more than the $20 asking price.

There have been individuals who have started to report buyers who are selling the tickets at outlandish prices, though it is uncertain whether Niantic themselves will step up and address the issue themselves.