Women in Games 2018 Award Winners Announced

Now in its third year, MCV’s Women in Games awards celebrates some of Britain’s (and beyond) most talented women currently working in gaming. With a record ten awards up for grabs during Women in Games 2018, there was more room than ever for industry acclaim and recognition from peers. Among the flagship names to receive awards included PlayStation UK/PlayStation Access’ Hollie Bennett and The Chinese Room’s Jessica Curry. The full list of winners are below, and you can find the complete list of nominees for Women in Games 2018 here on the MCV site.

Women in Games 2018: Complete List of Award Winners

  • Influencer of the Year – Hollie Bennett (PlayStation UK)
  • Rising Star of the Year for Development – Vicky Potts (Whitepot Studios)
  • Journalist of the Year – Jen Simpkins (Edge)
  • Rising Star of the Year for Business – Anita Wong (Indigo Pearl)
  • Games Campaigner of the Year – Rosa Carbo-Mascarell (Games for the Many)
  • eSports Woman of the Year – Caroline Oakes (ESL)
  • Career Mentor of the Year – Deborah Mensah-Bosu (Space Ape Games)
  • Creative Impact – Andria Warren (Rare)
  • Businesswoman of the Year – Helen Burnill (Mediatonic)
  • Outstanding Contribution of the Year – Jessica Curry (The Chinese Room)

A huge congratulations to all those who took part, as well as MCV for organizing the event – which took place in the Facebook offices in London – that continues to grow exponentially year-on-year.

Here’s hoping we get an international-style awards to give acclaim to the many women from far-flung places overseas that, perhaps, aren’t given the credit they truly deserve. For now, though, this is an immensely positive step in what feels like a watershed year for women in gaming after the recent gender pay gap disputes and (seemingly) endless abuse across various platforms. Oh, and if you’re going to ask about the Men in Games awards in the comments? The exit is that way.