PS4 E3 2018 Predictions: 5 Announcements We Want to See

It’s difficult to make PS4 E3 2018 predictions that could compete with the level of excitement Sony has generated in previous years. Sony and its PS4 have cemented themselves as having some of the most exciting press conferences every E3, routinely setting up a stage for surprises through game and hardware reveals that blow their competition out of the water. Announcements such as the Final Fantasy VII RemakeShenmue 3, and Death Stranding have hyped up fans in a way no other software company has. 

This year, however, expectations are tempered, as details the press conference are currently up-in-the-air for the Sony E3 2018 presentation. While the avenue Sony will take at E3 this year is entirely up to speculation, there’s nevertheless going to be some surprise announcements. Here are some we hope to see from them this year.

The new From Software game is Bloodborne 2

The femur from the trailer

While we don’t know exactly what the new game coming from the team behind Bloodborne (one of the greatest games of this console generation) and the Dark Souls series will exactly be. What we do know is that it will involve some sort of bloody femur contraption. With the tagline “Shadows Die Twice,” it’s a common assumption that the phrase is alluding to a second Bloodborne title.

Yet, many fans speculate that it will possibly be a successor to Tenchu, a stealth game that premiered on the original PlayStation. Considering how the From Software games have taken inspiration from each other, those who enjoyed Bloodborne are bound to also enjoy whatever the developer throws their way. 


More PSVR games get announced

Yes Sony, we mean “games” and not “experiences.” It’s time to double-down on the concept of VR if it’s going to be anything more than a gimmick. There have been quite a few full-fledged games fully enhanced by the peripheral. Yet, if you’re to see the hardware flying off the shelves, it’s time to announce more heavy-hitters to keep it alive. Announcing numerous titles from first-party studios and third-parties will be mandatory in order to keep the PSVR in the public eye.  


A hardware revision of the PSVR

Speaking of PSVR, the headset has cemented itself as one of the best places to play video games in VR. With titles such as Moss, Resident Evil 7, and Skyrim VR, the software support has been astounding. It’s also one of the most affordable ways to experience VR. Yet, but that can mean that the whole experience can seem ‘“cheap,” as numerous cords and required accessories force the system to be cumbersome. 

The PSVR is in dire need of an updated hardware revision. The system has had price-drops recently to be even more affordable, but that doesn’t justify the need to use motion controllers from a previous hardware generation. The PS3 move controllers were not meant to be used with the PSVR hardware and it shows. The camera also has a variety of tracking problems and the screen (while OLED for sharper visuals) has lower pixel-ratio than other headsets. These problems can break immersion and cause motion sickness. Please Sony, let us experience upcoming software through clearer lenses.


We finally see the Resident Evil 2 Remake in action

Development team announcing Resident Evil 2

The latest Resident Evil game that has been teased for quite a while. With it being a remake that will take players back to Racoon City. When we see the first reveal of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, it’s most likely to be shown at Sony’s conference. Since Resident Evil 7 was revealed at their conference in 2016. It’s likely that the title will be using Resident Evil 7’s engine (aptly named the RE Engine), which should allow the VR component to be a smart addition.

Also, this could bolster even more sales of the PSVR peripheral. Considering the success that Resident Evil 7 was as a full-fledged video game on VR, another entry in the franchise would be welcome to those who have let their PSVR gather dust.


A successor to the PS Vita

The PS Vita, while having a devout cult following, failed to receive the sales and support desired, and recently had its production recently discontinued by Sony. This leaves the door wide open for another iteration of a handheld PlayStation. It would be an exciting surprise to see Sony try their hand at making another portable console, and be in direct competition with the Nintendo Switch. After all, competition does breed creativity.

If Sony decides to try its hand at another portable console, there’s plenty of opportunities for it to correct mistakes made during the previous generation. One of the biggest drawbacks with the PS Vita was the expensive proprietary memory cards, and it’d hopefully stay away from gimmicks such as a second touch-screen on the back of the device. It would also be important for Sony to advertise the console as “games first” to follow in their success of the PS4.

What are you hoping to see at Sony’s conference this year? Let us know in the comments below.