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The GameRevolution Magazine is finally here, providing an exciting (and completely free) throwback to the gaming magazines of the ’80s/’90s. Inspired by our site’s lengthy history, the GameRevolution Magazine contains the latest reviews, features, and hot news condensed into a format that will bring back fond memories for retro gamers, along with adding some original GR flavor into the mix.

This month’s episode includes Detroit Become HumanDark Souls RemasteredPillars of Eternity 2 and more, with some features and old-school cheat codes thrown into the mix for good measure. A new GameRevolution Magazine will be released every single month, all for the low price of absolutely nothing, and we’ll be constantly adding new columns and ideas as we receive your feedback. This is a community-driven magazine for GR’s loyal readers, and you can shape it however you want. Be sure to leave us all feedback in the comments section below.

You can view the cover page for the first edition of the GameRevolution Magazine below:


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This will sign you up for the GR Newsletter, which will provide you with your free download code for the ezine at the start of every month. With E3 2018 taking place in just a couple of weeks, you can expect a ton of previews and coverage from the event, alerting you to all the new games you’re going to want to check out in the coming months. We’re also going to include community-focused features, so make sure you stay active on the GR site and you’ll likely be featured in next month’s issue!

As always, thank you for your continued support of GameRevolution, and we hope you enjoy GameRevolution Magazine. Keep it tuned to GR for more exciting projects in the coming weeks!