What is Fallout 76? Story, Online Multiplayer, Release Date and More Explained

Fallout 76 is an upcoming prequel to all of the previous entries in the Fallout series, though still takes place following the nuclear attacks that plunge its world into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Looking set to tie up a few loose ends in the Fallout timeline, the game takes place in West Virginia and shines a light on the titular Fallout 76, a shelter built to ensure that Virginia’s “way of life will endure.”

But after surviving the nuclear attacks, what is in store for players? Read on below to find out everything we know about the game following its big reveal at E3 2018:

Fallout 76 Story: What We Know About Bethesda’s Prequel

Fallout 76 will see players assume the role of the first person to emerge from their underground bunker following the nuclear attacks, emerging to an “untamed and unfamiliar” wasteland. You’ve spent 25 years underground as one of very few selected to live in Fallout 76, ready to celebrate Reclamation Day. This special event is where vault-dwellers can finally leave their underground home, with the player-character exiting the bunker in 2076. Players are sent on a quest by an Overseer, traveling through West Virginia in order to complete their mission.

Fallout 76 Single-Player: Will it be Multiplayer Only?

Fallout 76 is “entirely online,” as revealed in the Bethesda press conference. It can still be played solo, with players still able to create their character, level up, and indulge in all the Fallout goodness they’ve come to expect. However, it will also feature a strong emphasis on multiplayer, with the player’s fellow vault-dwellers each being a real person.

Players can create their own camps, developing mobile versions of Fallout 4‘s settlements where they can build out impressive constructions to live in within the game’s world.

Fallout 76 Online: Playing Fallout with Friends

Death never means loss of progression, and your character isn’t tied to one server. You’ll be in a world with dozens of other players, not hundreds or thousands, and you’ll also be able to join your friends whenever you want.

Bethesda wants players to be able to create their own stories, with it boasting a wide open-world in which “you will decide the heroes, and you will decide the villains.” There are some bigger quests, such as traveling to nuclear sites and uncovering nuclear armaments, with players able to launch nuclear attacks after activated. When the fallout has been initiated, players can use the resulting chaos to gather resources. However, if they spend too long in the radiation, they’re left open to poisoning.


Fallout 76 Release Date: When Will Fallout 76 Be Released?

Fallout 76 will be released on November 14, 2018. A beta has also been announced, though no release date has been given for it.