Fallout 76 is down in preparation for the Locked and Loaded update

A big Fallout 76 maintenance session has pushed the game offline in preparation for the game’s big new Locked And Loaded update, which is coming later today. While Bethesda’s online-only Fallout 76 undoubtedly had a rough launch, the developer has built a large fanbase that continues to support the first Fallout online RPG – and that’s mostly thanks to the many updates Bethesda has put out that greatly expand the game.

What is this Fallout 76 maintenance update all about?

Fallout 76 maintenance

The Fallout 76 Locked and Loaded update is due to drop today, April 27, which is why the game’s currently offline for maintenance.

This maintenance session may have the game offline, but it’s entirely to prepare for the big new Locked And Loaded update to kick off both Fallout 76 Year 3 and the Season 4 Armor Ace storyline. The maintenance session will last a few hours longer than usual, Bethesda has warned, and it’s entirely because the new update is such a big one. You can check out a video of what the Locked and Loaded update is all about below.

The update is the first major addition to Fallout 76 since the Steel Dawn update back in November. Amongst other things, it will add the option for new S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Loadouts, add mannequins for you to show off your various outfits with, and add new campsite slots so you can finally have more than one. Most importantly, it will kick off the big “Armor Ace and the Power Patrol” Season 4 plot and questline, with 100 ranks to achieve across a big scoreboard with plenty of exclusive rewards. It will see the player go up against “the fearsome Commissioner Chaos and his rogue band of robots, the Yukon Five” across the Wasteland.

Locked And Loaded is the big Spring update for Fallout 76, which also launches the game’s Year 3 events, which the game’s roadmap makes clear will conclude with a big alien invasion at the end of 2021.